Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Moon Pluto Opposition: Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

As stated in the previous posting regarding 'Emotional Release: The New Moon opposing Pluto I mentioned on June 21 it was gearing up to be a very emotional time for many of us, a parting of the ways for some and death transitions, and this was clearly demonstrated today with the news of the passing of two icons.

The death of celebrities always gets greater press than the 'guy down the road' of course but these are sure to create a more global outpouring of emotion as reflected in the Pluto opposition at the New Moon which JUST passed.

In my humble opinion, Jackson (born with a private Pisces Moon) was no doubt a pawn in the media's game and misunderstood, a victim (as so many Pisces Moons so easily become) of deceit. He was cleared of all charges of sexual contact with youngsters but pop culture continued to dig at him. But he left a strong legacy of amazing talent, that no doubt many will relive (The Cancer New moon as mentioned is about reliving the past but seeing it with new eyes).

With so many planets in Virgo, Jackson was meticulous, his dance steps and costumes a testament to that. No doubt many will chip in Astrologically to pull him to pieces but I won't do that here, just to say a farewell to him as he merges back into the Source (a Pisces Moons dream!) and to review all he achieved. Not bad at all.

Farrah Fawcett departed also, it seems her ascendant was in Cancer placing the NEW MOON in the 'resolution' 12th house of connecting back to the Source. Her Moon was in Cancer too so no doubt she came full circle, and is now safe in the arms of the Mother Goddess of Source.

Since our BIRTH is so relative, I can only feel DEATH is perfect, the timing has to be. Since life and death are but a continuous cycle. And as we know...nothing really ends.

So under a New Moon, we look back to our Cancer past, those loving, nurturing, caring figures who represented the power of FEELING (it's no coincidence these figures would get so much press now (Farrah passed from Cancer, under a powerful New Moon of the same name). Watch as the United States (a Cancer Country) pours its heart out over these two, under a New Moon that will reflect the countries own emotional journey, loss and growth.

It's all about always was.



Anonymous said...

Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments.

Farrah proved herself to be a stong soul and deserves the love and the rest she is new receiving.

Michael was indeed a sensitive soul,who was misunderstood and used by some. The spark had left his eyes and I have no doubt he was ready for transition.

You are correct that many die everyday and many of them are just as strong, brave, and misunderstood. We just don't know them. May all who pass find love, understanding and peace. Love, Marti