Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emotional Release: Cancer New Moon opposing Pluto

It all comes back to how you feel.

The next two weeks host a dramatic, life-altering pattern of energy that will enable many of us to release ourselves from old stuff. Expect anything as intense as:

Relationship Break-ups
Relationship-Make-ups (dramatically altered)
Job Releasing (fired, laid off, quitting)
New Jobs (more in line with our true feelings)
Family showdowns
Resurrecting the Past
One Last Clear-out
The Blame Game
Bad Habit Removal
Toxic Waste Clearing
Emotional Showdowns
Death transitions
Power Games
Emotional Manipulation

Major decisions chosen or forced upon us
Finally being free to feel better

The key result is the same - releasing feelings in a tidal flood of emotion. We simply can't hold back any longer and we can NO LONGER GIVE THE POWER OF OUR FEELINGS AWAY TO OTHER PEOPLE.

Life now forces you to play your hand, by helping you go inside to dictate how you feel and how you want to feel.

Can you let go of the past?

Expect this next two weeks to be a major CLEARING OUT period as the New Moon in Cancer (feelings, the past, our safety) is opposed by Pluto (release, resurrection, rebirth).

How intense. How dramatic. But how necessary.

See the higher perspective. It was high time for change and this is it.
Go with your intuition, ignore fear, and find your safety, comfort and peace - which may mean rebuilding NEW COMFORT ZONES and letting the old ones die.

You're new. Be gentle. Go easy. Allow. Free yourself from the muck.

Let your feelings reflect this new you.

Much Love,


sassy.o said... right on! i love your blog. thank you ☆

sassy.o said...

ah.. so right on! thank you ☆