Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Monthly Scopes now online!

After some time away, I am back to contributing monthly horoscopes online, for those of you who wrote to me over the months asking where you can find them again.

Also, you can now listen to my monthly Neil-Scape audio outlook.

Thanks for all the support. Unlike many writers out there, I do use real Astrological techniques, and I think you trust me now to do the best in detailing the trends in operation.

Monthlies can only give an overview of course, for more in-depth for you personally, I point you to the Personal Readings I offer, as well as the LUNAR RETURN MONTHLY REPORTS - you get 12 months of monthly reports specific to YOUR chart, delivered to your email - highly personal and accurate for You and you alone.

Use them as your road map and emotional weather forecast.

And for other perspectives on where things are at and going for you, check out the SOLAR RETURN Reading and Report Package on offer, or the Transit Future Report.

Enjoy the Scopes and Neil-Scapes let me know how you're finding them!

1 comment:

Posh said...

Thanks for this. I've been going through a tough patch recently and could use a road map and emotional weather forecast.