Sunday, May 16, 2010

Venus Shifts - Part I

Venus (the planet governing all things related to Love, Beauty, Relationship, Finance, Values, Aesthetics, Enjoyment, Apppreciation) is on the move, and about to encountering a few celestial 'partnerings' of her own,in the next few days. Stay tuned for the lowdown....

Part I - Venus Squares Jupiter: May 17 (6:57am Pacific)

Venus/Jupiter times are pretty darn nice - since they both represent the 'good feeling' stuff in Astrology, they really don't represent any major stress or challenge (despite it being a "square" aspect. Jupiter brings us MORE of things it touches, thus expanding our desire for the 'nice things' in life. Since the square aspect can be a challenge/test or sense of friction, we could experience this time as wanting too much too fast, overspending, over-promising, overindulging on the finer things of life (that goes for sweet foods, drinking, partying) or not doing enough and just idly letting the world drift by, being lazy etc). But who said that was bad?

Since so much is going on right now bringing a sense of tension to many of us, this alignment is one we should look forward to. Sometimes, excess can actually lead to wisdom, in that the more we experience something, the more we realize what our true values (Venus) are. Overdoing it, then, leads to learning (Jupiter). Once we're satiated, do we really feel full and fed and satisfied? Or is this just a quick fix and a distraction (like retail therapy)?

Do more of what you desire, by all means. If it feels good, it can't be that bad for you. Moderation is hardly the theme of this period, though, so where you can, go steady, pace yourself and take it easy.

Financial: Lucky for some (if you don't overdo it). Gamblers love this alignment. Scratch card sales increase. People spend BIG. Paying for travel, classes, adventures, 'the experience', books, magazines, road trips. Get rich quick plans. Lots of 'potential' without much planning. Lavish, luxurious exploits and pursuits.

Relationship: Lucky in love. People want more affection, show more affection, great time for throwing parties (but make sure you have enough food/drink!), spreading the (en)joy(ment), hitting the road with those you love, optimism breeds abundance.

Recommended Report:
(80-100 Jupiter-packed pages of Venus feel-good-info on YOU!)

Venus aligns with Saturn the following day, so enjoy the Jupiter vibe as long as you can, before we're faced with the sobering work of untying some karmic knots and getting back to business....

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