Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mercury is Direct...but....

Mercury, the planet people love to blame for their computer crashes, internet irritations, miscommunications and other assorted annoyances, is no longer Retrograde. It's what's called (in the biz) 'Direct' right now, meaning it's no longer likely to manifest as the Trickster and hound you with unfinished business and delays and frustrations.

Manifestations I saw during its retrograde period in Taurus (sign of earth, property, money, value, manifestation, practical matters): ATM machines all going down, Best Buy (a store that sells mostly Mercury artifacts) had a power outage, friends had to call the bank for charges that didn't make sense on their account, overdraft fees from nowhere, lost objects turning up once more (whilst some remain hidden), people revisiting old neighborhoods, moving back to places they have been before, old health issues flaring up again, repeated phone calls made and no messages back (the same goes for emails), things lost in the mail...and I am sure many more personal ones I'll remember after I hit "POST".

SO Mercury is no longer Retrograde. Many will be relieved. However....Mercury won't reach the point in the zodiac it was at before it turned Retro, until around May 28 -so you may have to wait until then to feel that you're totally out of the woods, in the clear, ready to storm ahead and able to pick up where you left off etc.

In the meantime, whatever reversal you may experience, embrace it as a gift. Wherever you change your mind, see it as a free-will blessing, and whatever you experienced in the past 3 weeks, see it as a lesson. so you'll be better equipped to handle anything similar down the line.

Mercury won't go retrograde again until August 20th. I'll help you navigate through that nearer the time.

As always, the Astrological Wind At your Back,

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Mentor said...

Let's see: my computer hard drive crashed overseas, and had to be replaced by foreign-language versions of Windows 7 and Word; a lawsuit against a foreign insurance company dissolved into laughter when the insurance company could not produce (or even find) three doctors they were counting on, and the two they did produce were dismissed by the judge as incompetent; and comic miscommunications made it impossible to link up with friends even though they lived 5 minutes away from where we were staying.