Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venus Shifts Part III

Venus (the planet governing all things related to Love, Beauty, Relationship, Finance, Values, Aesthetics, Enjoyment, Appreciation) continues her second important alignment...

Part II - Venus Squares Uranus: May 18 (12:41pm Pacific)

Venus/Uranus times are shocks to the system if you enjoy sudden surprises, and refreshing your frame of reference. Let's face it, everything is in flux and these times remind us of this, in key area.

Uranus electrifies any planet it touches, speeding up its principles and motivations, thus our heartstrings are zapped - we re-awaken to the fact that Love is Everything. Or we find that suddenly we get to appreciate a little more freedom and a little more space and a little more uniqueness in our unions. We understand that Space is Love and Love is Space. That we don't always need to be together. And that being apart, leads the heart to feel its fondness again.

Since the square aspect can be a challenge/test or sense of friction, we could experience this time as sudden attractions, sudden meetings and sudden disconnections. Something is thrown in the works and we have to adapt and adjust.

We'll get to ask in the weeks ahead if were we can appreciate (Venus) the unique individual (Uranus) behind each person we encounter in any relationship (Venus). Can we bring back the freshness we felt when we first connected? If we're single, are we willing to revolutionize our concept of Love, how we Love and who we love? Sudden attractions to those we normally wouldn't 'go for' is common during these times.

Financial: Impulse Purchases. Electrical objects - computers, cables, wires, phones etc. Sudden windfalls and sudden losses. Spending on friends.

Relationship: Internet Attraction(s). Quirky partners. Non-traditional unions. Sudden space created - by choice or by force. Platonic love. Unusual Affections. Valuing authenticity.

This period is about enjoying (Venus) Freedom (Uranus) - whatever that means to us. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to let others be themselves. To love (Venus) our friends (Uranus). To free (Uranus) any unhealthy relationship patterns (Venus). To find the beauty Venus) in the eclectic.

To ultimately create relationships that honor who we are as unique beings, connecting in unique ways, to create uniquely intimate ties that both honor space to share and space to be.
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