Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feel the pull? Jupiter opposes Saturn (May 22)

Jupiter opposes Saturn today (10.36pm Pacific) - two naturally diametrically 'opposed' energies:

Jupiter in Pisces - emotional growth, expansion through compassion, growth through feeling our way ahead, spiritual adventure and learning that everything is connected through the current of feeling. In short, Love all all. That is the Law.

Saturn in Virgo - healthy boundaries, practical structures, solid platforms, efficient enterprises, fixing the problems. In short - revealing the faults and working on improvement.

Where do these two planets fall in your Chart?

These are the two areas you'll feel this EXPANSION (Jupiter) and CONTRACTION (Saturn). Some may feel it as a need to grow, but feel weighed down with responsibility, obligation, work, duty, heaviness. Others may find they are rushing too fast, and need a more solid plan.

All of us will find the months ahead a time of planning the next chapter, the next adventure, of ascertaining where we want to expand, what we have outgrown, where we are willing to clean up, shape up, trim down and simplify, where we're willing to take a risk to evolve, even despite the fear of failure or life's tough questions - "how will I survive", "will it work out okay?" "can I handle this?" etc. We all feel them, and we've all come to learn with these eternal questions of insecurity gnawing in the back o our minds.

It's time to temper optimism with hard reality, and pessimism with a light hearted remembrance that Life is a Game if you can play by the rules and enjoy the trip.

Change IS here, whether your life seems to look the same on the outside this summer, on the inside seas are stormy, the tides are swelling and storms are brewing. People will take sides, people will fight for their corner of the ring, say they are right, push against obstacles, all the while missing the point that:

The Hard Times inspire in us a desire for what we truly want, and help us grow by showing us a new direction. And that all growth comes with a period of instability, tension and uncertainty

All that matters is that we Keep Calm and Carry On, as the poster my brother left me with today says, before I take off on my own adventure up north to a new home.

Feel the tension, feel the fear, and keep moving ahead. Nothing lasts forever here, so enjoy it while you can. We have every reason to keep Hope alive, and Optimism. Clouds come, but the sun is always....always...shining.

Need help? You can count on me to guide you through this time -schedule a Reading or order a Report and together we can map out the road ahead.
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