Monday, May 17, 2010

Venus Shifts - Part II

Venus (the planet governing all things related to Love, Beauty, Relationship, Finance, Values, Aesthetics, Enjoyment, Appreciation) continues her second important alignment...

Part II - Venus Squares Saturn: May 18 (1:18am Pacific)

Venus/Saturn times are those 'wake up and get back to business' phases, we don't like, but which actually help us go a long way towards furthering something long-term that's built to last, strong, stable and reliable. And in shaky times, this is a blessing - but it does come with commitment, discipline and "work" (yuk, I know...)

Saturn throws a challenge and a test to any planet it's wrapped up with, so the karmic knots we have to untie relate to 'Venus Stuff' (see below). By refusing to bow down to the pressure, by keeping our chins up and by remembering that Saturn Offers a Reward if we Put the Work In, then this period can only strengthen ties, solidify bonds, and give us something we really need - much needed help and support just when we need it most (and our ability to offer help to those who need it to).

Since the square aspect can be a challenge/test or sense of friction, we could experience this time as feeling all fun and enjoyment is being tossed aside for hard work, serious, sobering times or we are faced with blocks to love - we have to try and maintain open hearts in the face of bleak, cold fronts and cold shoulders.

We'll get to ask in the weeks ahead if were willing to invest (Saturn) in our true values (Venus) and commit (Saturn) to Love (Venus) - in all its forms. Love of the inner (self) and love of the outer (other/the world).
Can you play your part and fulfill your duty (Saturn) to bringing more harmony/peace/equality to your life?

Financial: Quality not quantity. Scrimping and saving. Being frugal and sensible. Red Lights that say No or Have Patience. Financial errors that need dealing with. Lack of enjoyment with what is purchased. Money doesn't buy happiness.

Relationship: Low self esteem reflected in relationship stress. Duty over Affection. Parental patterns challenging spontaneous joy. Time to commit? Working at Love. Showing your serious side. Work versus play/pleasure. Scheduling more time to appreciate.Love's Lessons. Learning unconditional love.


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Venus aligns with Uranus the following day, so brace yourself for another booster shot, right where and when you need it the most. Surprises in store!

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