Monday, November 01, 2010

Early Bird Discount! 2011 & Your Sign CD

A New Year is upon us. A new Chapter, full of new promises, new cycles, new possibilities. Ready to leave 2010 behind and prepare for even greater horizons?

Pre-Order one of my 2011 & Your Sign CDs now, and you'll receive the Early Bird Discount.

These CDs are 45-minutes PACKED with juicy information you need to know to navigate 2011 - details specific to YOU and YOUR SIGN. We'll cover everything in 2011 from top to bottom, so you can refer back time and again to see what cycles you're ready to surf.

Each CD includes:

Mercury Retrograde heads-up (so you can fly while others are dragging) We'll cover where you'll be affected, how to bypass the stress common at this time and how to make it work in your favor.

The Solar Eclipses (to show you where to Prepare for Great New Beginnings and your areas of Major Developments!

The Lunar Eclipses (to prepare for Closing Doors and Chapter Endings) so you can discover WHERE your Pay-Off will be, complete old stuff, shed baggage and move on to greener pastures!

Saturn's Karmic Lessons that lie in wait (know these and you'll be ten-steps ahead). Work with Saturn and you'll receive long-term rewards, so don't leave home without this info.

The gifts of True Freedom via Uranus - areas of Ch-Ch-Change!, sudden surprises, reversals, get-out clauses and other assorted goodies. If you're "stuck" in a certain area of your life, this info will set you free again.

The Golden Opportunities you won't want to miss (via Jupiter)...
...these CDs cover all this and more.

Pre-Order yours now! For this limited time,CDs are $65, (usually $75).
Discount ends Dec 25.

Be Prepared with Advanced Knowing, to make the most of 2011!

Order your 2011 Personal CD now!

Your Guide for a Whole New World,

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