Monday, November 22, 2010

Taurus Full Moon - Patient Perseverance

The Full Moon fell yesterday (Sunday) - you no doubt felt it. It's triggering an important theme for all of us on Planet Earth - material stuff. In Taurus, this Full Moon rules Money (one of our top priority it seems), along with Nature, Sensuality, Physicality and our Physical Appetites.

This one is fascinating since it's conjunct the asteroid Admetus - (stay tuned for more asteroid info in 2011), which relates to Endurance. This Full Moon therefore is the illumination of how much Perserverence and Patience we have, when faced with seemingly immovable situations, objects, people or energies.

Maybe you're just trying to cover rent?
Maybe you're working your socks off trying to scratch together some cash?
Maybe you're struggling to overcome a health issue?
Maybe you're battling a relentless Cancer?
Maybe you just lost your wallet and are rushing home to call the bank to cancel your cards?

Maybe it's big, maybe it's small (there's no Judgment, only an illumination of an idea, in your life right now) but you'll find you're faced with the age old question of 'Can you keep on keeping on?" in a certain area of your life?

Appreciate the struggle. It hones your skills and character. Are you grumbling your way through the next two weeks or using each obstacle and test as a reason to hone a new skill, try a new part of your personality on and continue to forge ahead?

In short, will you be a quitter? Or a hero, who tries no matter what.

This next two weeks is less about results and more about the effort you put into things. Don't trust that effort = outcome. It doesn't always, so why battle on and on expecting a result? Expectations crush us under their weight.

The only reason to keep on keeping on right now, is for the prime satisfaction that comes from saying 'I did it. At least i tried'.

So the world will be divided into Triers and Criers. Which one will you be?

Keep going, no matter what.

Your Astrologer,

P.S Don't forget to enjoy the bounty in front of you, in the way of food, comfort, hugs, fabrics, scents, music. Even if you have little, you can still appreciate the gift of Nature. We have much to be thankful for, so let's use this next two weeks appreciating the little we have, what do you say?

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