Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good News: Jupiter & Venus Go Direct!

Two Planets go Direct today (which means they stop that backwards retrograde waltz).

Jupiter: so suddenly we can be more optimistic with a reason, horizons open up and we know have a lot more knowledge (based on the intuition [inner-tuition] we've received when it was Retro. What's YOUR truth? Yes, we all know what's going on "in the news", but what's YOUR headline? What's YOUR daily bulletin? What's YOUR angle, bias, focus?

What you focus on, grows. You'll see where your focus has been, when Jupiter Direct starts blowing it up even bigger in front of your face. Stay positive!

Venus: relationships have been dredging up a lot of old material. Old loves returned, we pined for those lost, the 'one that got away'. We remember the great times, and despise the times we felt betrayed, hurt, rejected, abused. We vow never again, but as the heart does, we keep on ever hopeful that this time, just this time, we may find something more lasting, more real, more honest.

Venus Direct reminds us to love in the way only we can. Our unique brand of affection. Shower the world with it. You get to see what you really want when Venus goes Retro, and now, Venus Direct will deliver her promise, by bringing you ample reasons to revel in delight, at the gifts that were borne from the simple act of Creating New Desires.

You're allowed to have what you want. Venus Direct will see to it. Just not always in the form you expect. Stay open.

That's it. Old Astrologers call these two planets the 'Benefics - probably because they brought something 'beneficial' in their wake. but all planets are Gifters, Saturn gives us with long term success and wisdom, Uranus gifts us with Freedom. Even Pluto, gifts us with real, raw Power. As much as people like to gripe about their transits.

So enjoy this period. Today is a watershed - things OPEN UP.

Relationships can move ahead
. Leave the past behind. If it's not fair, why dance? Find another partner. You can now see clearer. In the present. Financially (another Venus domain) you can see where to spend for maximum return and where you may have squandered in the past. if you've been saving, along comes just the bargain you desire.

And finally, Hope, Faith, Optimism. Back on the scene.

Cash in on the good feelings that are abounding, and you'll become a Jupiter-Venus magnet for even greater riches - inner and outer.

Check in for a Reading to see WHERE these two planets are doing their dance in YOUR Chart to see where you can expect GIFTS (Venus), Financial Bonuses (Venus), Good Luck (Jupiter) and Plenty (of opportunity - Jupiter!).

Your Abundant Astro-Aristocrat,

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