Monday, November 08, 2010

Think Big: Mercury enters Sagittarius

Having heavy thoughts recently? Dwelling on darkness (and in darkness)? Everyone has, with Mental Mercury creeping through the shadows of Scorpio. Tonight, Mercury moves into Sagittarius helping us to once again (and finally) See The Bigger Picture.

Optimistic Thinking is within reach again. We can Think Big, conceiving of possibilities that seemed closed to us before. And remember, Mind Magic is the first step to creating anything in the physical world.

Notice your thinking pattern shifting from tonight, as you begin to take things less seriously, to laugh often, to see the joke and laugh at ourselves (and how we take it all so seriously!) and to connect to new people, places, possibilities.

Look to foreign connections, people from different cultures, new websites/magazines/publications, new playgrounds, new places to broadcast your knowledge and teach, or new places to continue your education.

If you look,you'll find it. So be sure you're looking for/at the stuff you want.

Think it, See it...and you're giant leaps closer to having it.

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Your Astrological Adventurer,

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