Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

Belief rules the world.

What's a belief? A thought you keep thinking.

In Sagittarius Season we get to look at What We Believe.
Is it helping or hindering you?

For example:
If Sagittarius falls in your 2nd house (of Finance and Self Worth) - do you believe you're worth it, and thus your income levels shows so?

If Sagittarius falls in your 7th House (of Relationships), do you believe you can have a fair partnership with someone as adventurous, open and honest as you?

If Sagittarius is in your 3rd House (of Mind Magic), are you holding images of negativity that are keeping you stuck in difficult life situations?

Where is your Sagittarius energy operating? Everyone has SAG in one particular House of their Astrology Chart. If you don't yet know your Chart, order a Natal Report from me or schedule a Reading.

What do you believe?!
And why?

Habit. Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking.
Sagittarius Season says: Change your Thoughts, Change your Beliefs. Change your World.

Do you believe more is possible?
Can things get better?
Are you hopeful, optimistic?

If you answer No, you're creating a negative future right here in the Present.
I'll help you refocus your vibration, to change the results. Let's look at where Sagittarius is in your chart and what Cycles you're currently facing - and how to navigate them!

Keep Believing in the Best,

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