Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer

Our egos are always on the line during Leo Season - that's why what we create is something that brings up insecurity in us. Leo energy is about living from the heart - 100% investing in something (be it a relationship, hobby, career direction). Under the Leo Sun, everything is bigger, there can be more Joy but also more Drama or Darkness (when we're blocking our natural Light).

Under the Cancer Moon, emotions are bigger also. We need to feel safe and secure and yet our egos are still being spotlighted. The worst of this combo is childish tantrums, replaying childhood dramas or traumas and being needy - expecting others to shower us with the love we haven't yet given ourselves.

The best of this combo is an immense heart and capacity to care and nurture. We truly care. We can pour ourselves into our home (decorating, making it our Palace), those close to us (blood-family, or our chosen circle) and even in fulfilling our own needs so that we can better be there for others.

We need to feel under the Cancer Moon, and in Leo Season this can bring up sensitive issues that may be secret hurts but also a chance to nurture ourselves in an adult way.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. So when these two come together, they are in their rightful place. Ego and Unconscious. Male and Female. We get to balance out both sides of our nature, by seeing where it's out of harmony.

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