Saturday, July 01, 2006

Back on track: Jupiter Direct July 6

Mercurey is retrograde - not so great.

Jupiter goes Direct July 6 - awesome!

This is the great news the Universe sends along with the mercury retrograde problems which should ease things for many of us.

Jupiter has been moving backwards through the sexual sign of Scorpio since March causing problems with credit, loans, debt, sexual satisfaction, and intimacy between partners (business and pleasure) and between nations. Intensity has been brewing - but you know what, it's better out in the open - so this is a cosmic orgasm of sorts when jovial Jupe finally moves back on his usual merry way.

What can we expect?

Well Scorpios will feel the effect strongly (and anyone with Scorpio planets from 4 - 12 degrees Scorpio.) Life is in forward motion again (and you can even be the lucky ones to counteract some of the Mercury madness going on now!). Surge ahead with what you desire (just remember, don't push too hard with career matters or with authority as Mercury will still snap at you!)
Do cash in on contacts and get ready to grow! If you've been waiting to reach again - then yuor hesitation has been for a reason - Jupiter direct is all about taking flight.

Some of you may take off literally, or you'll start noticing weight gain, or you want to read more, study, learn, expand your space or else take on more. The impossible is your mission and you'll dare to dream big.

For all of us, Jupiter Direct means marked changes for these fields - religion, law, education, publishing, overseas, travel, journalism. So we can see progress being made here despite the backwards energy of Mercury - we can get back to old projects and really push them ahead now.

So it's not al bad news with Mercury - it's a mental time out - but an optimism increase - why wait to launch yourself? Scatter seeds widely and SOME are bound to take root, even in retrograde soil. And if the bloom is different to what you expected, congratulations, you've discovered a new species of You.


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