Sunday, July 30, 2006

The upcoming Reality Check: Saturn Opposes Neptune - Aug 31 253am PST

We have a biggie Astrological aspect coming up that is sure to have a profound effect on the masses currently living on Planet Earth.

Here's the scoop:

Saturn represents Reality, the Government, the purveyor of Rules and Regulation and Red-Tape, he governs tradition, status, structures, hierachy, order, borders, boundaries

Neptune represents the opposite - dissolving of borders, mystery, deceipt, alcohol/drugs/fantasy (anything that hazes reality), the ocean, water, magic, spiritual consciousness.

The two are about to lock into an Opposition aspect - and begin to pull against each other before finally accepting the other exists. How will this play out?

Well we could bear witness to:

A major event concerning a structure indunated with water (which isn't surprising considering the past pattern of this)

A major media whitewash or lie wrapped up in 'facts' - are we being hoodwinked?

Major deceit in the government or the revealing of a major lie with someone in a position of power (surprise, surprise)

A worldwide questioning of 'reality' as we know it

A possible outbreak of a virus/infection/bioterrorism (but who released it?)

A sudden clamp-down on drugs, alcohol, film, dance, actors strikes etc

More 'border; issues including the possibility of erasing some borders, by choice or by force

Walls coming down or being brought down - more tidal waves or sinkings?

Stories of gases, the infiltration of something - poisoned water, blood-carried viruses, liquid poisoning, things released in places of power etc

New alcohol laws, new laws or tests against psychic phenomena

Does all of this smell of "terrorism". Possibly - although I happen to fall with those who believe there's more to it all than meets the eye. Neptune is about deceit and I think the propaganda hits an all-time high as August ends.

Let's look at the signs involved: Saturn is in Leo (leaders are having an awful time - the last story is Fidel Castro stepping down due to health issues passing the power on to his brother. Saturn is testing those with their power - abuse it, you lose it. And Neptune in Aquarius (universal consciousness, spiritual connnectedness) is in opposition to Saturn in Leo as August ends - the LEADERS face off against the PEOPLE.

I think leaders now abusing their power in the name of 'freedom' are losing their battle for power. The masses are waking up - becoming more compassionate and sensitive (Neptune in Aquarius) due to the suffering happening now worldwide, needlessly.

When Saturn in Leo faces off with Neptune in Aquarius, we get to question if those in leadership roles are really helping the bigger picture.

Big stuff.

When Saturn in Gemini (the twins) was opposed by Pluto - (destruction) we saw the Twin Towers (Gemini twins) fall. Neptune in opposition to Saturn now is more insidious, less stable and subtle. Smokescreens. Clouds. Confusion. The crumbling, dissolving and loosening of reality's grip.

Something is about to become unstuck.

Personally though it's a great time to manifest (Saturn) artwork (Neptune). To structure your own ability to tap into the Muse. To take up yoga, meditation - "spirituality with structure". And it's also time to have leadership with a spiritual consciousness.

The aspect nears, and we'll soon see the effects. I'll write more soon on how this affected everyone in years gone by when Neptune was opposing Saturn. History is very revealing and al is cyclic.

AS I say to many people - what is happening now is the cleansing of karmic residue. Earth needs a clean-up and the shadows are our healing out there for everyone to see. The squeezing of the boil on our face. Nasty stuff outside, but the relief that comes after is worth all the pain.


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Doreen said...

"Terrorism and propaganda. Media white wash..." Might we be seeing this now what with this latest uncovered plot? And liquids (Neptune) banned in checked luggage on airplanes (Aquarius). Also, doctored photographs (Neptune again) of the Hezbollah/Israel conflict. Thank you again, Neil. I don't have a lot of time to study astrology right now what with getting my massage therapy career started. But reading your blog and looking at current trends stimulates and nourishes my astrological thinking. - Demeter