Monday, September 18, 2006

Learning Love's Lessons: Mercury/Mars in Libra

Whilst at the gym this weekend it was fun to watch the news pass before my eyes (though I try to avoid the barrage of propaganda most people chug down along with the protein shakes and energy drinks there).

The media always has a habit of expressing and voicing the theme of 'flavor' of our current Astrological Mode. For example, this weekend Mercury (planet of news, communication, conversation, ideas) moved into Libra (sign of Partnership). There were numerous segments on BEING SINGLE. People were interviewed about how it is to be single in 'today's world, how it is more "acceptable" to be single now and how many Americans will never get married because they choose not to. I couldn't help but notice a sort of 'brave-faced' vibe, as though the single lifestyle is seen as something incomplete, that we're really meant to be with someone. The fact we even have a segment on this shows we are in some ways compensating or not truly happy. We were meant to be 'coupled'? Is there a stigma still being single (as though we're 'not good enough'?)

Libra is opposite Aries - the single sign of the Self - and is concerned with everything 'us' related. One woman interviewed said that 'when you spend your entire life making decisions for yourself by yourself (Aries) the idea of compromising (Libra) is scary."

I think the fact that the number of singles is on the rise is mostly because in this Age of Aquarius (independence, free-spiritedness) people don't 'need' to be together under formal ties such as marriage. Civil Partnerships are arriving in the UK now, along with some US states (same sex commitments) but the best and most lasting relationships seem to be between people who remain free and themselves whilst sharing space with another. Are these any less real than the relationships of yesteryear?

The ideal relationship respects and honors not only the self (Aries) but also the non-self, or the 'other' (Libra) expecting no one to fill in our gaps and never treading on someone else's right to choose their own life path.

With the North Node of Karmic Destiny recently completing its sojourn through Aries, it's no wonder we're left with so many people single, doing their own thing, and 'finding themselves' but I do wonder if now we're faced with many people unable or unwilling to explore their depth through interaction with another. Are we selfish when single? Are we codependent when with another?

With Mercury moving into Libra this weekend and then conjoining Mars (the Aries planet of aggression, assertion and self-focus) it is no wonder we're all talking about these things. More people probably joined a dating service or went on a date or at least THOUGHT about their relationships (or lack thereof) this weekend.

Remember - we're never truly 'single' - we are always in a relationship with someone, somewhere. And they all act as mirrors to our own needs, evolving desires and our soul expression. We're all connected. Even a connection to our unconscious is a relationship.

By connecting with another (Libra) we move on into diving deeper, for a soul union, to merge with that which we desire (Scorpio, the following sign, coming up next month) in the hopes that by spending time close to something, we can become it. Those seeking power, spend time with powerful people. If you seek self-comfort, find people at ease in their skins. Psychic Osmosis.

And as we wing our way towards the Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Sep 22, we're already talking about cleaning - in fact a local radio show here in LA, my partner tells me, had so many people calling in whilst they were cleaning, they ended up devoting the entire show to it.

The media, as everything else, reflects our focus, and astrologically themes are found everywhere as we all play out the Cosmic Drama here on Earth.

Enjoy your own relationships, celebrate your ability to share, let another in, give and join forces, whilst maintaining and retaining your own connection to yourself. They often say those in love look alike, or resemble each other in some way. This is often true, but you'll find that beneath this, lies two very different people who joined forces through their similarities to bridge the gap between their own individual expression of Soul and someone elses.

Relationship is how we grow, as soon as we forget ourselves, we find ourselves there in front of us, in the eyes of our beloved, be it a cat, tree, flower, painting, partner or movie character. We cannot escape ourselves and as MSNBC had an article just yesterday, it's Never Too Late To Fall in Love.


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