Saturday, September 16, 2006

I love you - now let me go!

Venus, planet of Partnership, Harmony, Love and Values is opposed by Uranus, planet of Freedom, Rebellion, Alternative lifestyles, and deviance.

A great weekend for getting off the couch and doing something crazy if you're normally a stay-at-home couple.
A great time to cuddle up and spend some time together, if you're a couple who is always spending time apart with work demands or kids, or other projects.

A great time to do something crazy together - like redecorate, tear down a wall, or turn the bedroom into a boudoir, or rearrange furniture.

If you're single and looking, it's a great time to get out and do something wacky - go dancing if you don't normally, or sit in a coffee shop if you're normally running around. In short, do something you never normally do, and you're likely to meet someone.

however, don't expect it to last in a way you desire, this aspect is all about finding something FRESH, FUN and FREE to enjoy, but not to tame or to own.

Put your leash and dog collar away - even S&M folk won't want to be tied down under this planetary weather this weekend.

For most of us, it's a time of balancing the needs of a relationship (and our own human desire for sharing) with total freedom to be our own selves. Remember we come into this life alone and go out alone. We do have our individual paths away from lovers, partners, business colleagues and others we are 'married' to - our jobs, our status, our vanity, our anything!

Take a vacation - then spend a night stuck to each other. Be totally together this weekend and then totally apart. Respect boundaries. Give Space.

Couples are advised to be crazy once in a while otherwise you could attract a break, split or separation.

Aha - my candle here just went out, the last one lit for the night. An appropriate place to tie this up. Endings are often brought about because something was becoming stale or normal or a habit.

Argh - this aspect Venus opposing Uranus is about FRESH LOVE, being radical, trying something different. Impulse buying. Impulse trying.

Love needs room to breathe. Do your need your partnership or just desire it?

reestablish yourself away from your lover. Remember who you are, and who you were before you met. Then reinvent your togetherness.

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Don't be stuck without this weekend if you're feeling frazzled and wonder why people are a bit schizo right now!

Retain your rights as a free spirit, and afford others theirs. Don't be too cold, but don't be too cloying. Celebrate the desire to connect and share with some wild adventures of your own.


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