Saturday, March 31, 2007

Past Lives, Present Path

This April, I have a Special Reading on offer: the Past Lives Present Path Reading. This is a unique Reading that details your soul's journey using your Astrological Chart, which outlines where you've been and where you're going.

This Reading covers:

* Your Soul's Path using the Lunar Nodes
* Moon aspects and patterns showing habits formed through the past, childhood and family
* Where you're used to placing your focus and where your new focus should be now
* Saturn's karmic promise, and your Life's Work
* Planetary Aspects showing tests and allies along the way
* Your area of greatest weakness and greatest strength
* What to avoid and where you keep tripping yourself up
* Possible past life scenarios (which you may have recreated this time around
* Your "soul-habits" and how to break them
* What to do for maximum success
* Relationship Patterns and how to change them
* Personal Questions based on your Chart

The Reading is $80 and lasts 45 minutes, and comes with a CD copy.
You can order yours here.

April is a time of new beginnings, and often it helps to know where we've come from, in order to choose the new direction our soul is hungering to explore in this lifetime.

Enjoy these Readings and I look forward to exploring your past with you!



teenus said...

Neil, you are fantastic : )

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Teenus, since we're all a mirror you must be frickin fantastic yourself ;) Thanks for stopping by!