Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just Keep Swimming....

Mars (planet of energy, action, assertion, desire and drive) is currently "conjunct" (dancing alongside, hand in hand, mingling with and otherwise aligning 'vibes' with) Neptune (planet of drifty, dreamy spiritual release, escape, magic, mystery, fog, illusion, surrender etc).

Here on Planet Earth if we're not experiencing foggy conditions externally, we're feeling it inside - as Mars energy seeks to express itself through evasive, non-confrontational means. How can you fight (mars) what isn't seen (Neptune). Fighting only gets you so far until you realize that all you are in conflict with outside, is a mere manifestation of some basic internal struggle you have, and that often by letting it be as it is, situations can resolve themselves much faster, because you no longer feed the fire of conflict, which ultimately ends in its resolution.

That's our current dilemma - to battle or let it slide. Can we do what Dorey says in the Piscean tale 'Finding Nemo' Just Keep Swimming?

The answer to all questions now is spiritual in Nature. We can run away from connecting to our core, or we can champion activities and projects that feed our souls. Art, music, dance, meditation, swimming, surfing, channeling, writing, communing, daydreaming, watching movies and so forth.

What does your soul urge you to do now? If you're experiencing escapism tendencies it's a sure sign your soul is calling, asking you to give up control in some area, and now it's manifesting as an intense need to give it up in areas that may not be feeding your soul but are feeding the hunger to escape even further.

Tune-out from the outside, and tune on in to the Inside - as Spirit calls this week asking you to pick up the phone and find something to do to remember your divinity.

Happy Celestial Surfing!


Anna Dream Walker said...

Very timely, Neil. Thank you.

Remember my divinity.



Neil D Paris said...

Hi Anna!

Here's in LA it's a very foggy day, which reminds me of Seattle and England, so I'm enjoying a very Piscean and Neptunian day - great to hear from you! Enjoy surfing at your end ;)

Ian said...

Hey, Neil
Just wondering what you thought of the astrological articles on this website


Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Ian - I'm going to enjoy having a look around this site. Thanks for the note!

Kelly Martin said...

Thanks Neil, I have so much to do at the moment this is the first time in my life I have created committments for myself. As an previous escapist wanting to escape anything that required self discipline this is.. ahem, an interesting time, especially as my Aries sun is forging me forward full speed ahead. Where to begin?!