Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Full Report Special - ends March 31!

Just a reminder that the full Birth Chart Natal Report is currently on special and ends March 31. This is the 80+ page extensive Report on your personal chart, personally compiled and one of the most in-depth Reports available online.

Chapters include the 12 houses of your chart, planets within, your karmic lunar nodes (past lifetimes and present destiny pointers), relationship patterns, evolutionary Astrology outlining your souls choices to experience certain things in this lifetime, personality profiling, descriptive passages outlining why you do the things you do. Things that trip you up and ways to channel your energy. Each Report is a different length depending on what your Chart says, but all are a guaranteed 80+ pages long. All About You (always a good thing, right?)

Normally $75, currently $50.
Offer ends March 31.


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