Thursday, March 15, 2007

Solar Eclipse on its way - March 18.

Stay tuned for more on the Solar Eclipse coming up on March 18.

We're between two key points in time (Lunar and Solar Eclipse) when Major Change is in the air - and we're usually poised between two worlds. Anything can happen, as we all sit and ponder - Where Now?

Stick around - the Journey gets even more interesting!



Kelly Martin said...

Hi Neil, I am in the UK can I just double check its on the 19th for us isnt it?

Looking forward to reading more.

Kelly x

Neil D Paris said...

Kelly - yes it's in the wee hours of the morning UK time, and late night over in the states (PDT)!

Anonymous said...

I just bought "The Secret" DVD and book and "Ask and It is Given" -- both your recommendations -- here's believing this time of change between the two Eclipses will double their positive power.

Thanks. Marti