Thursday, March 29, 2007

We're Dying

I had an interesting conversation with a dear Scorpio Soulmate of mine tonight that brought up a lot of symbolic material that I'd like to share with you.

Pluto about to turn retrograde isn't easy stuff. it's not light and fluffy. It's where we really get to grips with spirituality. I remember telling someone once that spirituality isn't about chanting, burning incense and singing mantras. It's about pulling back your sleeves and wiping the shit off the wall when the toilet explodes one day. It's dirty, grimy and you risk losing your body in the process.

Right now - it's all about Death.

If you're standing in a 'safe space' and nothing is changing, don't be so sure. it's all changing, in each and every moment. As Pluto turns backwards from our point of view we're forced to accept that we're in a period of letting go, release and purging.

Everything now is a practice run for the ultimate transition of all. The passage out of here. And how do we achieve this? By getting into here first.

Going inside and rooting around in our symbolic cellar is never a pretty thing. There's cobwebs down there. Possibly a boogieman, and maybe even a live cockroach that flies. And it's dark. Bulbs don't work and who knows if even our flashlight batteries or our resolve will hold long enough til we find what we came down here for.

And what was that again?

Some glimmer that we're more than this, that our life means more than this, that we can handle this and still survive, that we must have some power here and we're not at the mercy of a sort of cosmic pinball machine bouncing us around with no free-will.

We're shedding skin so fast during Pluto Retrograde. All those inner blocks are about to give way, the dam is about to burst, the volcano about to blow. Are you ready?! I know I am.

Scorpios are our light bearers now - they can show us the way ahead because Pluto is their planet. They understand about the darkness within and about the true power we have (and how the stuff that goes wrong, the stuff we lose, the stuff we cling to that vanishes, are all fake things that block us from who we truly are, exposed, bare and vulnerable yet amazingly powerful because it's REAL).

Sagittarians can tell us how to do this - since they've spent the better part of the past few years clearing the decks over and over. Just when you thought you knew who your Sag buddy was, another phase of detoxing cleaned out even more 'stuff' they no longer need. They've lost so much spiritual weight, they can help us now in this period, to understand the process of "letting go".

So everything is a practice of Death now - hold a funeral for everything leaving, everyone you're saying goodbye to, and every path that seems to be closing itself off to you. If something breaks and you have to toss it, if some feeling you've held onto no longer seems appropriate, celebrate its passage and its part of the old world as you continue ahead into your New World.

Horror abounds now and we face the Monster.

And we'll come to see that the true horror lies inside - and its name is CONTROL. For once we operate with a need or a desire to control anything - ourselves or anyone outside of ourselves, we are no longer in the "flow" of life's cosmic current. And flowing is the only way to manifesting true health. All the rest causes dis-ease.

I love horror, I love Scorpios. I love Death.
It's all connected. It's all One.

This week, look around at your own life and see the part of the equation die that no longer 'adds up' to your ultimate happiness.

In that frame of mind, there can be no loss, for we cannot lose what we are, and who we are. We can only, finally, see clearly with no distractions obstructing the view of ourselves.


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Jeffrey Kishner said...

Well put. I'm going through Pluto square Pluto with this retrograde passing over 26 Sag again, so I've been in the middle of this letting-go process for a while.

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Jeffrey! Maybe you can give us some tips on the process too. I have Pluto RIGHT on my Moon now about to go retrograde. Lovely stuff. Separation from family, a new home and of course a lot of emotional cleansing. Funny watching it unfold in our own lives, as Astrologers. And we are often surprised and say 'oh yea..' in the aftermath! It squares my Sun at the same time.

We're like the agents of Death right now - grab your hood and we can go trick or treating together ;)

judi wood said...

Awesome piece....sent to me by a friend from an astro/political blog. I have natal Scorpio rising, and progressed asc. conj. Pluto/Galactic Center....went thru the square aspect 25 years ago now....which drop kicked me into a new reality.

It seems to me that now everything I read is in a new dimension of thought, it is hard to describe; since I am an 'old' person in more ways than one, I have a lot of life experience, but have never read so much stuff which is so perceptiive, kudos.....I've been studying but not practicing for over 40 years (I'm an artist, not a professional astrologer). Verily, the viels are thinning....

Neil D Paris said...


Welcome to the blog, really great to hear from you. And thanks for the kind words. I too have Scorpio Rising, you're another of the 'pluto posse' going through these shifts, an d I believe the work we do helps the bigger picture - we're like the "wayshowers" for how to let go. So major hugs all round - keep up the great work dying off! Here's to shedding our garbage! ;)

Neil D Paris said...

Fantastic website by the way Judi, beautiful work!

Kelly Martin said...

"I remember telling someone once that spirituality isn't about chanting, burning incense and singing mantras. It's about pulling back your sleeves and wiping the shit off the wall when the toilet explodes one day. It's dirty, grimy and you risk losing your body in the process."

Haha!! Neil this has my laughing my ass off thankyou!

How true how true!!

I have a Sagittarius moon I will have to see what is happening with my chart this year as I have no idea. I had a professional chart done a few years back for my personality and it was very accurate.

WOWSER thanks a bunch,again!

Kelly x

Neil D Paris said...


My Sag Moon is at 28degrees, so Pluto is currently slap bang on top. I wonder where yours is? Maybe you're feeling these major changes too because of this.

Kelly Martin said...

Okay Neil im not exactly sure which part of my chart im looking at but where it says Moon the sign is sagittarius and the zodiacal degree is 05'31 which is the positions at birth and further down the page it says Sagitarrius is in my 8th house and 9th house at differing degrees excuse my newness at this I dont majorly study astrology but its fascinating what you can get from it all.

Neil D Paris said...

Well, Pluto is now at 28 degrees - so find that degree in your birth chart and see where it's located. probably in your 9th house. Your Moon isn't being hit by Pluto as it's far away, in early Sag, but we can determine more depending on which house Pluto is falling in now - wherever that 28 degrees is.

Of course this is in isolation, you could have other patterns that coincide that would account for the shifts you're going through. I know many people with Leo Moons who have Saturn visiting now who are going through a lot of emotional aches and pains.