Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Personal Cycles - and why your life is on repeat?

Since it's Mercury Retrograde, you may be wondering where you're actually 'at' in your Personal Cycles. Is Mars (the planet of aggression) in your 7th House of Relationships causing you to want to lunge at anyone in passing distance? Is Mercury actually Retrograding back through your 2nd House of Finance causing you to forget to pay a bill (or wind up landing a second job you'd almost given up on)? With around 12 planetary placements and 12 houses there's a lot of combinations and possibilities.

To help you during Retrograde, I'm offering the awesome Transit Report to help you work out where you're at in the story of your life - including smaller short-term transits and bigger picture ones too. You'll find out what you should, could and will be focusing on. A personal weather map of sorts.

And I'm also adding the Karmic Insight Report if you haven't yet seen yours - which details situations and energies you've been dealing with from other lifetimes. Could your 'repeat mode' situation actually be karmic in nature. Most likely.

Enjoy these two Reports - they're on offer at the site for $40 together. Grab them, read them, absorb them and free yourself from sticky situations that are old, pointless, boring yet somehow addictive.

Check them out here.

Mercury Retrograde will help free you from a past of your own choosing if we use its time period well. May this be one step towards that goal.

Any questions, comments or stories as always drop me a line and let me know how you're getting on at

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Twizzie said...

Thanks so very much for the light-hearted link re: Eddie Izzard. Brilliant,that man! How I'd love to spend 20 mins./20 questions with him! As a Taurus with relationship stuff going on via mercury retrograde in my 7th house...Also having 3 planets in gemini + another 3 in virgo- I can assure those who think mercury retro. doesn't exist-It does, indeed!(Let's not even get into my computer wierdness lately.) What I want to share is: I truly think HUMOR helps to buffer the funkier sides of mercury retrograde.It always does, I know-just more so now. We're all together in this. Thanks Neil, with much appreciation.-TJN