Monday, October 08, 2007

Horary Astrology Predictions: Britney, her kids and career

Far be it for me to nose into others businesses (I have Scorpio Rising so i value privacy) I have recently been studying Horary Astrology and it's a great tool to use for prediction. Technical, but worthy of some study. I am giving one a shot here for those who asked me to dive a little deeper.
Personally I do not know Britney Spears, and if you stop here Brit, I just wanna say the best to you on your current spiritual transformations. Being in the spotlight does put a lot of extra weight on already weary shoulders.

So the horary question is to see how things will shape up for her, her kid situation and her career. This is what i got:

Britney is represented by the 7th House (the person being asked about) ruled by traditional Jupiter, who is found in Sag (very strong placement) in the 9th House (double whammy, this is where it belongs). I truly believe seeing this, that she's just pushing pushing pushing for something new. She's BORED! She wants to try new things, be a new person, she's destroying the image everyone has of her. They are WRONG. An example of an Aquarius Moon rebelling against even her own image. Fun stuff. No one sees the cosmic joke here I guess, but maybe Britney is having the last laugh when it comes to her career choices.

Since she's represented by Pisces
in the Chart though, there is a little bit of spacy, driftiness, which could account for the escapism, drugs, drink etc. And with her ruler in the 9th House she is more inclined to take off and travel the world than want to stay put and deal with drama and details.

The flip side is that she'll wage a major legal war soon if she's not brewing one already. 9th House, jupiter and Sag relates to legal cases. Also she may wheel out a book as it's publishing. Her story? Or is she going to sue her company, managers or K Fed?

Jupiter is soon to square to the Moon (another major factor in a Horary chart to analyze the situation) in her 6th House (employees) so it's possible it's a management company legal issue that is brewing already. Either that or a doctor or health practitioner (6th house rules health). And after this, the Moon will apply to an opposition with Uranus - there is a dramatic face off upcoming it seems. Overthrowing the status quo again, is her health or work about to take a major new direction?

Her Children would be represented by the 5th House (kids) from her house which would be Cancer, (ruled by the Moon). Since the Moon is about to square Jupiter and oppose Uranus, there is likely to be some form of fight or legal dispute over this. And a decision could be overturned - perhaps she'll be given custody again sooner than we think. Since the aspect between the planets representing her (Jupiter) and her kids (Moon) is applying (coming together) this does show them being brought back together. However, it's a square aspect so there is likely to be tension in the process. SO i wonder what deal they'll work out. She won't be kept from her kids.

Now her career would be the 4th House of this chart. And there is Pluto. Death and Rebirth. More raunchy? Is she about to do a Madonna and bring out the sexual vibes? It's dark and brooding, political too. Or is she going to jack it all in? Is it Pluto crash and burn? All possibilities. Pluto separating from an opposition to Mars in her 4th House shows a setback due to family conflicts that just passed (we know all about this) and she's just passed a Puto trine to her 6th house Saturn in her 6th which is a turnout in her health and work focus. Detox, purification.

I do wonder about the Libra Sun in her 7th. Surely this is a relationship issue that underlies all of this? The Sun about to apply to her Jupiter and Neptune could show a major relationship development. This woman is not staying single for long I don't think. Is it a Leo or Libra guy? Strong possibilities, I don't know everyone's sign so let me know if you do. I don't know enough Horary Astrology to describe the 'other' guy. he's Virgo in appearance (clean cut but yet his ruler is in Scorpio so there's a dark edge to him -is this K Fed again or someone else?) He's a charmer with a great smile but keeps a lot of his personality behind his mask.

We'll see. I'll leave it here and feel free to post comments or your own opinions. This is my first Horary Analysis, maybe the future ones will be more detailed!

POST-SCRIPT: After completing this analysis, I saw on the news her new album was entitled Blackout. Highly symbolic when you think of Pluto in her Career House.


Anonymous said...

like u said we'll hear more news and Dec and Jan roll around on her continued progress (or lack thereof as judgmental souls would have it). Britney seems to get worst each day. I read recently this about Brit on a astrology site:

an Anaretic (Anareta) House is one that 'brings death'/endings or has a death point to the native, especially when aspected to or by another Anaretic House. The Anaretic Houses are the 2nd, the 4th, and the 8th. Initially, I was only aware of the 8th House as a 'death point', but discovered the other houses not too long ago, but it makes sense, really. Often, aspecting energies can trigger these points, as well as progressions and transits in a given chart. Most astrologers do not concern themselves with the Anaretic Houses -- IMO, out of a moral standpoint, which I totally understand. But it also helps to know these points, so that you can help to guide yourself and others past these pitfalls. Which brings me to my concern for Britney; chief among her current and up-and-coming transits is the dread planet of the underworld, Pluto. Pluto enters Capricorn tomorrow, and will begin its entrance into her 4th (Anaretic) House where her Venus is posited. To me, this does NOT bode well, as the actions of Pluto are demolition and (re)construction: tearing down what is outmoded and no longer useful to build a newer, better model, etc. Sometimes, though, the process is so destructive that the native undergoing the transit does not survive, but usually only when Pluto is OPPOSITE the native's Sun sign. In Brit's case, Pluto will be conjuncting her Venus, and I feel that she will not find the person who is best suited for her until all of the demolition and 'house-cleaning' has been done. Usually, the road is clear only AFTER Pluto has left the sign it transits. Again, in Brit's case, she previously went through a Pluto transit to her Sun in Sag; now Pluto is entering Capricorn, where her Venus is posited. We are seeing, IMO, the effects of the Pluto transit, along with Uranus and Neptune effects ... and it ain't good! Neptune seems to be having the most profoundly negative impact on her at this time, conjuncting her Moon (the subconscious) in Aquarius and being Inconjunct to her MC and Moon's No. Node/10th House. This is indicative of a 'fall from grace'. With Pluto moving into her 4th House, and with its effects of tearing down to rebuild, I feel that a further fall will occur, and Britney may not be able to recapitulate her failing career. The effects of Pluto, and other slower moving planets, are always felt before - and after - their transits. There's just so much going on in Brit's chart - and has been for some time - that it's really a wonder to me more drama has not occurred at an earlier time! At this point of the game, we can only watch and wait to see what will unfold.

so i guess well see more erratic behaviour.

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks for the comments and feedback - I haven't looked further at britney's chart, but I do try and stay away from concrete and 'dire' predictions as it'snot our place as Astrologers to judge whether someone willbe able or unable to handle a planetary transit. I'm sure many peopleare angling for more dramaand negativity, but I do feel Britney is more in control of her image-shift (pluto) than many give her credit for.