Friday, October 12, 2007

It's that time again: Mercury Retrograde (in Scorpio)

The Basics on Mercury Retrograde for those who aren't "in the know" astrologically. Don't worry, you soon will be. Welcome to the 'we now know about Mercury Retrograde Camp!


Communciation goes weird if you push ahead too fast or far
Computers have issues - back-up disks
Travel gets tangled - back-up plans, check tickets
Paperwork has errors
Phonecalls are missed or incorrect
Written work needs checking
Signing things gives u a result that isn't what you expected when Mercury goes Direct again
People don't understand, mishear, don't listen are late or disaagreeable


You can go BACK on the past and reevaluate
Visiting old haunts is worthwhile
Reconnecting with people is needed
Resolving old matters works to our advantage and is easier
Clearing up space and our heads help
Revisiting ANYTHING for a second go is a great idea
Going backwards for a bit works out
Taking a time out helps you
Finding things lost is much easier

In Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde asks us to root around in our basements (literal or metaphorical) to see what's no longer of any use, and also what strengths we may have forgotten about. It's a time to put debts to rest by paying them back or forgiving them and writing them off.

We need a mental clean sweep as it were, dusting the Halloween cobwebs out of our heads, mouths and eyes.

How you perceive things is a reflection of your innermost beliefs and thoughts about yourself. We get to work on these now in the next 3 weeks.

Sexual questions, issues arise, along with investment queries - is our money using us or are we stuck in the fear of not having enough? Is the shadow of debt hanging over us? Are we being shady and secretive and manipulating out of insecurity?

Our ONLY power now is in how we choose to perceive things. And in how we react to events. Redefining our relation to our pasts is inevitable during Mercury Retrograde periods.

Mercury is retrograde, appearing to move backward, 2-3 times a year. Mercury retrograde times call for you to recheck everything, anticipate and plan ahead, and to relearn lessons unlearned since the last Mercury retrograde cycle. It is a good time for review and completing ongoing projects. It is NOT a time to start something new. Mercury energies involve the mind, mental processes, communication, travel, speaking, and writing. The Retrograde symbol is "Rx", the same symbol on all medical prescriptions! Physicians until the 15th century had to also be astrologers before they could practice medicine. Plan ahead for these times. So you can do preventive maintenance and schedule, here are the common things that occur, the things Mercury retrograde times are notorious for:


Communications go awry - phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, conversations are delayed, misinterpreted, blocked. Recheck everything like appointment times, spelling, wording, the words you say.

Anticipate detours - memory lapses, confusion, failing to listen, failing to confirm, negotiation failures, changing of plans.

Avoid signing documents, contracts if possible. You can wait 3 weeks, hopefully.

Expect travel delays, car trouble, delayed plane schedules, reservations that suddenly becoming "missing", transportation difficulties of all kinds.

Expect problems with messages, books, letters, magazines, documents, neighbors and the near environment.

BACK up your computer files! This is the time the screen goes blank and there is nothing there!

Expect the phone lines, cable lines, power lines to have problems.

Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, describes Mercury retrograde well: “Mercury retrograde…isn’t ‘bad’, - it just takes some planning to cooperate with the energies. It’s meant to be spent assimilating experiences, reviewing the past, and redoing, in general. Matter of fact, if you really want to get the most out of a Mercury retrograde, confine your activities as much as possible to those that have “re” attached to the beginning of the word. Re-schedule appointments, repair vehicles, return to the past, re-write documents and agreements, etc.

So that's the skinny on this period. It lasts 3 weeks. Slow down. Catch up. And let me know here how it's all shaping up for you.




Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. I was born 11/20/69. I am truly having a hard time keeping my tongue in mouth. I just want to cuss out my boyfriend 9/11/50. I want to yell at everyone that crosses my path. it is so hard.
It's hard, because I feel I should be telling these people off, but I don't know how to do it gently.

Neil D Paris said...

I think that's the key now - can we communicate gently but also forcefully, and during Mercury retro a lot of things left unsaid boil to the foreftont of our minds so we're ready to launch it at anyone within earshot. My advice now is to tell them how you feel by any simple means - email, call, meeting, and state the facts. However you have them wrong it may turn out. That way you get to clear the air, and go BACK over old things. And who cares if anyone agrees - at least you get it off your chest and you're free!