Thursday, October 11, 2007

Resolution or Retribution? New Moon in Libra (Oct 10)

Libra New Moons put the emphasis on our people skills. How harmonious are your relationships? Is the peace and quiet really the calm before the storm; would a face-to-face clear the air. Storms create the freshest air afterwards, and the magic we're seeking could be found at the tail end of conflict. It seems that with peace-loving Libra, it always, somehow, somewhere, comes down to conflict. Peace-War. War-Peace. And in today's world, the themes are likely to be clear, obvious and ridiculously predictable.

The New Moon in Libra says Play Fair. Without that the game is lopsided it's over before it's begun. No one wins any karmic points by cheating (and I don't mean in the relationship sense). Politeness and civility are necessary tools to 'getting by' on Earth. We're all animals looking for food if we don't follow one simple Law - treat people as you treat yourself.

Hmm...but hang on, could this be why we have relationship problems still? If we don't respect or even like ourselves how can we like someone else? What we see in others this new moon is a clear indication of ourselves - as partners (business and personal) reflect issues we ourselves are tackling. Remember - it's not"why are they doing this or not doing that", that is the problem, it's 'why have I brought this into my life and why am I fighting this battle?'

It's a fantastic time to work out what you need to balance out in yourself. Calm, quiet and stable? Throw some crazy energy into your life. Reverse it. Turn it on its head. Extroverts spend more time analyzing your own feelings and asking for opinions and guidance. Introverts, get out and connect with more people, or just be around them. Balance out depression with a daily dose of humor. Balance out time-wasting superficiality with some serious study.

Time to renew vows, or celebrate your togetherness by seeing how far you have come, and planting new seeds for new directions to grow together. What new bonds can you create? Any projects, plans, ideas you can work on as a team? Stop fighting against each other and work together. Is it time to let others into your world or keep them at bay and salvage some alone-time together.
Relationship questions abound at this New Moon - is so-and-so staying with Mike. Is Sheila breaking up with Matt? How do Tom and Tyler remain so committed after all these years? Weddings, divorces, engagements, mergers, deal-makes-and-breaks are all headline news this weekend and for the couple of weeks following. Celebrity land I am sure will be abuzz as always at this time.

New rules in your current connections are also likely to pop up - what are your relationship terms, your business working partnership contract terms? Who does what, gets what and wants what? It's time to negotiate.

The deeper questions are: are you seeking someone to fulfil something in your life that's "missing". If so, you'll keep on chasing your tail - or bring someone in who seems to fulfill your every need, until you discover they are only playing a role in your life that you cast them in "strong, supportive savior" or "fun and feel-good firecracker". Roles are roles - and unauthentic.

This Libra New Moon:

Reach an agreement
Charm your way ahead with sincere smiles and genuine flattery
Don't underestimate the Power of Appearances
Enjoy a dash of vanity
Bring more beauty in - whatever that means to you
Calm down - peace begins when you let go of conflict (inner and outer)
Agree to disagree
Find common ground, build bridges
Team up with people you resonate with instead of forcing others into boxes of your creation
Weigh up the pros and cons
Mediate - when faced with two options, create or choose a third
Refuse to take sides For or Against.
Fence Sit for a while
Start a new relationship - go on a date, agree to a business deal, handshake, merger, joint effort
Remember it takes two to tango - so dance or sit it out
Find a partner - to go to the gym with, go dancing/shopping/sitting/thinking with
Enjoy company anywhere, anytime
Flirt - everyone loves a Lover
Beautify at least one part of your life - your kitchen, bedroom, your office desk, a wall, your closet, yourself ( can we say 'makeover'?).
Use symmetry, balance, harmony in all your work and in all you do
Refuse to bow to others pressure, anger or aggression
Watch out for unnecessary people-pleasing - if need be, smile and draw a line

This New Moon is aided by the planets Jupiter and Neptune which bring many new relationships and chances to create/enjoy/share/experience beauty in our lives and in the world at large -if you're open to it. And more 'soul' whatever this means to you - that part of yourself that knows there's more to life than the basics.

Notice a hungering for more romance, music, luxury, harmony. That shows you're in the swing of things here on Planet Earth. This is your marker of progress right now too - and a sign to get back on track if you're experiencing the opposite sign of Aries with its aggression and war.

Ahhh. Relax!



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