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In answer to your questions - Britney's Analysis

Progressed Chart

Britney's progressed chart saw Pluto (death, rebirth, transformation) cross her Libra Ascendant (beauty). I don't recall when she shaved her head but a total transformation in appearance (1st House) and a darker slant on how she is seen by others (1st House) in the media. Libra is all about looks, Pluto however, is all about extremes and often, the loss of something.

Transit Rundown

Taking a look at her current cycles we see Saturn leaving her 11th House of social interaction to wade into the deeper waters of the 12th House. Often this is a period of aloneness, vanishing from the radar. Perhaps she'll decide to vanish for a little while ready for her resurrection when Saturn hits her 1st House again at the end of 2009. Saturn rules her 4th house of family and foundation so its passage through the 12th house (resolution) is sure to be a time when she'll have to check herself into some form of spiritual rehab, in order to cleanse away psychic 'stuff' she's amassed that block her from her soul.

Between now and December, Saturn will be squaring her Sun (as one of you mentioned) which happens to all of us twice a year and is a test of progress, of our resolve and strength. Energy is depleted and we feel up against a brick wall. With Saturn in her 12th by then, it's sure to be a troubling spiritual issue. The 12th house is escapism, addictions, self-undoing as many older Astrologers used to say, so she'll be tested to see if she can work through troubling inner issues without giving up, quitting, opting out or checking out. Release is what her soul seeks and Saturn will make sure she gives something ip. the 12th house is a form of sacrifice. What will she renounce?

As the year ends Saturn retrogrades back out of her 12th into her 11th which may give the illusion of a rebirth but there is still more work to be done. So I suspect we'll hear more news and Dec and Jan roll around on her continued progress (or lack thereof as judgmental souls would have it).

By March 2008, Pluto moves to her IC (the 4th House cusp) and the lowest part of her chart relating to again her home, family and foundations. A death of one way of life, old habits, possibly a death within the family, would be a major psychic shift for her, an give her a reason to change her life from the ground up. So yes, she's about to transform but in April Pluto goes retrograde so she'll have a lot of 'going over the past' to face in order to allow herself to move on.

Some of you asked about her reputation. Cancer rules her Midheaven (our career status, how the world views us) and that's ruled by the Moon (the most changeable force in Astrology). Cancer is the sign of the USA so it's no wonder she was so well received here (bush is a Cancer too in case you wondered) but as the Moon shows its emotional fickleness, the public's opinion (ruled by the Moon also) changes from day to day. We love you, we condemn you. Bush and Britney both.

Interestingly enough, Cancer relates to parenting, mothering, nurturing. Since Cancer is on her Midheaven, this is how everyone will remember Britney - for how good of a Mom she was or how bad. Again, the public does love to talk, but no wonder she was help us as a sign of parenting, and publicly discussed as to her role as a Mom.

Chiron, the wounded healer, as been trampling over her birth Moon (in her 5th house of children) so it's no surprise the wounds she's received were the loss of her kids. But this was no real loss, since it her healing of her own wounded inner child (which I suspect is more the issue here) proves to be the biggest gift of all in order for her to reconnect with her kids once more.

Aquarius Moon's Moms (again, the USA has an Aquarius Moon so we have here a singer and a country both making headlines news for the way it's treating the innocent...interesting eh?) And again, her 'strange parenting' is very Aquarius Moon. So be it. She's a free spirit and of course, liberated, 'new age' parenting is the way to go here. Britney is just being Britney when it comes to her kids.

By October, Chiron stops retrograding over her Moon, easing up the tension on her heart and soul and the stress of the entire children custody situation. You may find it of interest that Neptune (drugs, alcohol) has been moving through her 5th House also, underlining the reason for her custody loss - her drug use and testing and so forth.

I'll post a HORARY Chart which is a predictive tool many Astrologers use. I'll attempt my own interpretation although this a technical science I myself haven't spent that long mastering. For those interested there are many Horary Astrologers out there, and it's worth a look. Maybe I'll post more of these if you're interested.

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