Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Busting out !- Jupiter squares Uranus

Today, we witness a major Astrological Alignment. The last time Jupiter squared Uranus was on Jan 23 2007 and it's back. it's a biggie so here again is the lowdown:

Expansive, over-the-top and greener-pastures Jupiter squares off against freedom-fighter, rebellious and status-quo-shifting Uranus.

Feeling a pull to break free? Congratulations, you're feeling the almighty showdown between these two boisterous and big planets. Jupiter wants better things, Uranus wants to do it differently. Jupiter wants to better the world, so does Uranus, but both have different opinions. More is better, screams Jupiter. Out with the old in with the New, hollers Uranus.

Socially, it's a time of unrest and upheaval - intensified under this alignment. Culture (Jupiter) clashes (Uranus) are inevitable. We're trying to free ourselves (Uranus) from the clutches of repressive religion (Jupiter) uneducated education (Jupiter rules knowledge) and intellectual arrogance (Jupiter likes to claim it owns the Truth).

Some possible manifestations:

Religious exile - people abandon their previous beliefs, members of the church quit, resign or are fired, or change faiths altogether, or else abandon their faith entirely!

Educational exile - teachers do the same thing as the priests as mentioned above. Strikes or at least a shakeup in how the educational system works. Could there be the introduction of shocking new ways to teach people or more spiritual and metaphysical instruction (quantum physics, psychic information, Astrology etc?)

Racism - earlier in January when this aspect broke last we heard breaking news stories of this on mainstream media (Uranus rules television, radio and the broadcast media in general) on shows like Big Brother in England where contestants got into a name-calling racist brawl. Our prejudice (Jupiter) is exposed as being anything but humanitarian (Uranus).

New Gay Laws - Uranus relates to the 'deviant' and the things most of society feels go against what it 'stands for'. Anything that goes against the grain and is 'different'. So homosexuality would fit the bill here, and since Jupiter relates to Law, we could see more challenges (since this is a square aspect of tension) and a greater push for more social equality and liberation. Uranus/Jupiter could see overseas (Jupiter) marriage or at least civil partnerships (Jupiter).
Could immigration laws be ready to be revamped to allow for more fairness and social acceptance? Here's hoping.

Travel Innovation: new ways to travel - and more technology within travel (biometrics, eye scanners, fingerprints etc). Faster and speedier ways to get from A to B. Could this be the beginning of those 2 hour planes from LA to Australia? Or how about teleportation? Travel gets a little crazier so look out for diversions, new routes and perhaps more efficiency - but don't hold your breathe, it always comes with a cost. Hopefully it's not one of freedom or privacy?

Electrifying Inventions - some larger than life ideas, ideals and philosophies. Listen up for some big words, hotshot ideas and some 'here's the solution' remarks from people who big mouths who love to spout hot air. Big words, bright ideas.

Illuminated Thought - the Eureka! Aha! moments of life. Some amazing intuitions that channel their way into our heads, downloaded from the great beyond. There are truly some tripped out ideas floating around now. Will you be the one with the next multi-billion dollar idea or a solution to a major world issue?

Both Jupiter and Uranus are unruly energies so things are very unstable right now. Cultural ideologies can bring us together or tear us further apart now. The Truth in one area of life can separate us and divide us if it claims other ideas aren't truth. Let's face it - Truth is subjective and depends on your point of view. Everyone sees things differently.

What law are you standing for and is it accepting of everyone as a whole or selective?
Are you beliefs purely rebellious with no real purpose?
Are you seeking to better your life or merely rock the boat?

The world has to answer these questions now. Things get larger than life, and pretty crazy at times now. Social issues get blown out of proportion but we do get one benefit now: to see where we're become so enamored of our version of the truth we've forgotten we're connected.

So this next few weeks, take a look around and within your own life.

Are we playing or playing witness to the Separatist Idiot of the Global Village?

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