Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Retrograde Rebels: Rethinking your Replay

Has your past come back for a visit? Someone from yesterday appearing today? Heard from someone you used to know, via email, phone, mail or a surprise run-in in the street?

If issues are replaying out in your life, be happy. You're one of the lucky ones elected - during this Mercury Retrograde cycle - for a second chance at setting things straight. Every issue, every button pressed, every problem, every reaction, every situation that smacks of something that's happened before, gives you a chance to do what you DIDN'T do before, say what you didn't SAY before, and react (or RESPOND which is better) how you didn't last time. Call it a second chance (or 10th).

Think of it as Changing the Script. So take a look again at that old flame, old friend, old obstruction, old worry, old problem, old replay...this could be your chance to free yourself from a karmic chain stretching back as far as only your Soul remembers.

Be a Retro Rebel - and rethink your replay.

It's the fast forward key to enlightenment, in this cycle anyway....

Your Astrologer,

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