Sunday, April 01, 2007

BBC's UFO landing coverage

Did you see it, were you awake?

If not, where have you been. It's on every television, every radio. I didn't get a wink watching it unfold. We knew it would happen and it finally did - contact with another "life form".

It's early yet, but we'll soon see what will happen now. And end to all war, new technology?

April Fools! it is April 1 after all(unless this blog sends this out late in which case the joke totally fell flat). And for those in other cultures - April 1 is traditionally the time we play a 'joke' on others. Annoying, I know. In France they say 'poisson d'avril (april fish) and stick paper fish to each others back, so it could be worse i guess...

Startling News is the order of the day now as Mercury, planet of mind power teams up with Uranus today, planet of sudden insight, inspiration, intuition and surprises. Anything is possible. (Though the fact no one assumes we're the aliens on this planet makes me smile...)

Someone's ready to shoot their mouth off. Someone's coming up with an amazing new idea whose time has come. Computers designed now are lightening fast, or else we're suffering power surges!

Can you keep a clear head while so much is buzzing inside of it? That's the challenge now - brainstorms are on the horizon, keep an umbrella and a notepad handy - and watch what you say - by the time you hit the SEND button or it comes out of your mouth, it's hard to take it back.

Telepathy is being tuned in to the cosmic current zapping through our heads now.

Drivers - slow down!

Pedestrians - walk faster!

Remember, meditation isn't something you need to do sitting crossed-legged eating mung beans. It's a 24/7 thing, a way of Being. No matter how crazy energy gets, we can keep a sacred space inside where it's quiet always.

Enjoy the lightening fast pace, the neon, the cars screeching by, the new books, magazines, conversations, gossip and possibilities of this weekend. I wonder what will land next week after all the dust settles?

As you think so you become!


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