Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On your marks...set... Aries New Moon (April 17)

The Aries New Moon - the first of the New Moons of this year (in the true Astrological Calendar) is always a special one. it's the STARTING point for us, where we get to truly enter the 'spirit of spring' no matter what weather you're currently experiencing in your corner of the cosmos.

The Ram, the Easter Bunny, the sap rising - the spirit of Aries is a fresh start, the pioneering and perennial childlike naive openness of which miracles are born.

Somehow, somewhere, life is offering you a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate.

When you woke up this morning (chances are you'll read this blog the day after if not the day of..it lasts all month so don't worry) something inside has shifted. maybe it's just a new desire, a new bravery, the energy to get up, stand up and change something, look at something anew or else turn a page (and a corner) with new determination.

Aries is the sign of war and fighting (also weapons of war - the day before this New Moon we heard the story of the worst school massacre in US history, according to some reports). War will erupt now - but only in places and pockets of society (and our psyche) where we feel stuck, trapped, repressed.

Mars is the planetary ruler of this particular New Moon but he's currently in Pisces, the sign before Aries, giving us a karmic look back at how our anger is expressed. Pisces says 'flow, let it go, it's not worth getting angry about. if you do get angry and abuse your power over it, you lost all your power TO it. So give it up, relax, let go. Don't give it so much energy'. If we go against this golden promise of peace, then Mars anger is sure to erupt negatively, which is what we saw.

But there is no reason to let the Aries energy go to waste on such silly things (in the eyes of reincarnation and the philosophy that we are connected) as killing people, or even getting into a fight. This New Moon, channel your energy into a battle, yes. It's good for the soul. Conquer something. A project. The Gym. A new project. An old project that needs new life. Beat a wall down. Run a marathon. Sure, go to a shooting range. Shout, buy a punchbag and let it out. Have it out with someone who did you wrong - whether in person, or just in thought. We don't need a physical presence before us to effect massive change. Aries is pure energy - the first of the fire signs. We need only think of someone, bring them to mind, and they are 'in our space'. So if you need to get pissed off at someone, do it in this safe and secure energy-space. It will create a change, guaranteed, if it comes from the heart. They too shall feel it. And some form of release will be afforded you.

Aries New Moons are all about choosing our battles.

Some battles lead to something created.
Some battles lead to something destroyed.

In the simple act of choosing creation, we choose destruction. But we end up with something to show at the end, that we can be proud of. The only thing we destroy is the void, the waiting, the nothingness that was there before. Our product has been birthed by the energies of spring - be it a poem, a new home, a relationship, a baby, a novel, a painting, a portfolio, a presentation, a driving test.

START what you want, desire and dream of. This is WISH DAY in the Astrological Calendar. Wherever Aries falls in our charts is where new seeds will be planted. Doing so consciously is the way to go. If you sign up for a Personal Reading now I'll let you know what it means for you personally based on your own Birth Chart (if you order the special 45 minute Past Life,Present path Reading, I'll throw some info in at the end for you too on this, look under the What's New page) and I'll give you pointers on how to best make use of this time.

For those of you who know Astrology, it falls at 27Aries. the Sabian Symbol is "a large disappointed audience" which is interesting. I wonder how this will pan out? The New Moon is such an amazing time for a launch, yet this symbol appears to be less than satisfactory. Will a new TV show flop (Seinfeld's last episode was aired on this degree and its audience was deeply disappointed). However some disappointments are actually bittersweet, like the disappointment something amazing has ended, which I'm sure it was in this case.

Back to business, this New Moon period:

Bang something - anything except someone else or your head on a wall
Avoid bruises, cuts, burns and fights by re-channeling energy and slowing down when necessary
Get the ball rolling
DO some sports or hit the gym
Do it NOW
Stop procrastinating
Find a new look - define yourself in new ways
Have a haircut, tweeze hairs, have cosmetic surgery
Launch a new product
Be courageous - no more pussyfooting around
Stand up and be counted
Be active and assertive, not passive/passive-aggressive and annoying
Be impulsive but don't run a red light
Give slow people lots of leg room
Save yourself a headache by moving AROUND obstacles fast

It's a very masculine time. "men's" issues are major now, just watch the news. Aries is war remember, so fighters are well starred. The army will love this period. So will athletes, firemen, cops and anyone who has to show a test of courage and strength. Women too aren't immune to this - testosterone hits them, and we'll see the posse of aggressive women hit the screen again - Alias or Buffy style. The old 'kick ass women with a gun' routine. Don't laugh, just you watch.
Women get to test out their masculine sides. Yee-haa..

Spiritually this is a time to define the self. Since it all comes from you, and comes back to you - who are you?

Work out what makes you tick,
and your body clock will happily
keep on tocking.

Forward March, this April!



Anonymous said...

dear Neil, i appreciate your optimism and in many respects you are right about re-directing our anger and frustrations to new projects and new beginnings, but this Aries New Moon, was in a waxing trine to Pluto in Sag and Mars was conjunct Pallas making a T-square to Venus opp. Pholus. Nothing peaceful about this New Moon.... No wonder the Massacre of Virginia Tech was caused by an angry foreigner. Read about Pholus, if you haven't yet..... and you'll understand.....
No all Aries New Moons are the same.......


Neil D Paris said...


Of course they're not all the same. I mentioned one manifestation of the Aries energy, but I do choose to focus more on how we can USE this energy wisely. We all have choices, and I'm not one of those who watches the news and dwells on the troubles of the world. We are conscious creators. We can sit and blame the 't squares' of the world to give reason to negative things happening, but we all have choices so it's in that spirit that I like to write.

Thanks for your input thought. An assertive female, just like the blog mentions ;)

Neil D Paris said...

Just wanted to follow up your energetic response Cristina with a reminder that nowhere in my post did I mention this being a peaceful New Moon - Aries New Moons never are, and in that respect only they are all the same. Aries is too aggressive to be considered a peaceful energy.

Kelly Martin said...

Hi Neil, would having my birthday on the 17th have had a strange effect on me? I normally like new moons and remember to plant seeds. I dont think I planted great seeds this new moon. A day or more before the new moon and since I have felt heavy, fearing, doubting, scared and pretty much numbed by fears to do with moving forward, changing and feeling stuck in many areas of life. Seeing the perceived impossible and finding it challenging to experience things positively right now. I thought this new moon may majorly assist me. Perhaps it is by bringing it all up (again) to get it all out. I feel pretty frustrated with my own resistance right now and wondering when im gonna decide to change fully. Almost feels like a full moon to me. Feeling a bit heavy right now hope you dont mind me sharing these feelings too. I am a naturally entrepreneurial person, a forward thinker yet accepting what IS right now has been something of a resistance. Anyway hope you are doing okay.

Neil D Paris said...

hi kelly,

I actually think the New Moon period IS helping you, though it doesn't seem like it. You're going through an emotional detox period, untangling from old and heavier energies. Since the New Moon in Aries is about pioneering new ground we often get the 'jitters' - since we know it's up to us. What will happen? Failure? Doom? So, I think you're being too hard on yourself expecting amazing results right away. Remember just the desire to be happy and move towards a better place for ourselves IS planting a seed. DOn't underestimate that. We look for such major strides ahead in this world, and we down-talk it when we see the crap and grime around us - spiritually THIS is often where the magic is! So don't evaluate your part in this process in a negative light because you're not dancing ight now. Keep moving towards that better space and surely you will be. Aries Energy needs an impetus, and if drudging uop crappy feelings gives you this new path and direction, then celebrate it. it's all showing you what's not feeling good, with the urge to move in other directions.

Hope that helps - your personal chart is sure to show us exactly what is transpiring and in which areas (by houses) so think about having a personal reading for the greatest detail.
Thanks for being open to sharing your feelings, that's what this is all about. And stop beating yourself up ;)

Neil D Paris said...

PS Kelly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Check out the Solar Return and Birthday year Ahead Reports on my site - they will give you insight into where the changes are coming. They are really affordable too and if you're in England (which I recall you are) the exchange makes them 50% less. I think you'd get a lot of mileage out of them - or we can connect for a Solar Return Reading to go through your new path ahead.
Each year the Solar Return chart shows us where the 'action' is.