Friday, April 20, 2007

Solar Charts

I was thinking recently about the power of Solar Charts, something many Astrologers don't use, but which bring it all back to basics and reveal some really useful information we may have missed.

Solar Charts put the sign we're dealing with on the First House Cusp. The other houses follow on accordingly. This is how horoscopes are drawn up, say you're a Cancer it would look like the chart shown here.

The US is a Cancer country. If we use the Solar Chart we see that ARIES is the sign on the Midheaven (at the top of the chart). This is the sign's legacy. So Cancers often leave a legacy of aggression, ambition (something many people don't see when they look at the softer side of the crab). But Crabs will fight to defend their territory. Look at the USA with its Homeland (home being a Cancer issue always) Security. This happened of course when Saturn (Structure, limitation, security) was passing through Cancer (home, safety). The States is known for (midheaven of the chart) War (Aries).

The chart here shows where the planets are now for Cancer. As a country, we have Saturn in the 2nd house right now. The dollar has steadily declined (I believe it is now around 2 dollars to every UK pound). Saturn limits and tightens budgets and spending. The US has financial issues. I believe we'll see more problems with banks and credit companies ahead.

Jupiter (expansion, growth) is in the 6th house of health along with Pluto (death, rebirth) showing the obsession (Pluto) with weight (Jupiter = size). I actually find it hard to buy clothes here often since I'm 6'1 and 150 and most stores carry BIG size clothes. So health and disease are top priorities within the country currently.

Uranus and the North Node (surprises, revolution and a nation's karmic direction) are in the 9th House (overseas, foreign affairs, culture, education) showing the constant shocks and shifts relating to the 'foreign born' and also within the education system (yet more school shootings, this one reader of my blog put it initiated by quote "a foreigner". I'm sure it's this attitude that got the country in a huge mess to begin with (natally the North Node of Destiny was in the States 9th House to begin with showing a need to grow overseas, and bridge the cultural divide.). Weirdly enough, within the States it's a huge melting pot for cultures. So why such a hatred of outside cultures outside of the walls of the country? How bizarre.

George W Bush of course is a Cancer and so works magically alongside this country to expose its seamy underbelly. It takes one to know one. We're in good hands...if you count good as karmically cleaning up with little choice but to wake up and smell the coffee. For all those who complain about having Bush in office, I actually (from an astrological perspective) see the beauty in this.

So for Cancers generally, the themes above will follow, in various stages. We can do the same for each Sun sign in turn.

We often forget, with so many Astrological timing techniques, the most simple and basic ways of reading a chart. Solar Charts work wonders for even more layers of information. If you have any basic knowledge of Astrology, try playing around with them yourself. You'll be surprised at things you forgot.

Armed (how appropriate since we just left Aries territory) with your NATAL CHART and your SOLAR CHART you can pretty much navigate through the major phases of your life. It's worth the investment of time and energy.

For those of you who have no idea what this all means because you know zero Astrology, don't worry, I'll try and explain it all as we progress.



Madeline Hill said...

I absolutely rely on the knowledge gained from a simple solar chart. I learned from an old rosicrucian astrologer in the 70's and we did SOLAR first then natal.. I love sticking to basics.. that's where you can make accurate predictions, see life patterns and challenges, as well as gifts of your planetary placements.. wonderful article! The simple is overlooked these days, I fear!

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks madeline!

Great to hear from you - yes the magic of simplicity, great to get a back-to-basics look. I find it interested you used to start with the Solar. Great idea to get a foundation. Hopefully more Astrologers these days will use these more.

Here's to simplicity - the key to the complex!

Trish said...

I just discovered your blog and found your article on Solar charts - very interesting, will start looking into it.
(I'm not an astrologer - nor do I play one on TV - I'm just interested in the discipline)