Thursday, April 05, 2007

Swimming with Sirens: Mars enters Pisces (April 6)

On April 6, Mar marches into Pisces.

That's how Mars usually acts - he marches, strides, confidently, with assertiveness. That's how he finds himself, a definition of himself. That's how we define who we are - through action, through being. "I am".

The sign he's in shows us how he does this, how best we can do this...but in Pisces it's confusing. Pisces is a sign of 'no-self' of selflessness, where we merge back into the Source of life, the Divine, the eternal, the indescribable. How can Mars find himself in such a sign without structure?

Mars swims in Pisces, his heavy armour falls away, it has to or he risks drowning in the oceans of emotions he's now called to wade through.

For everyone on Earth, Mars in Pisces is a time to invest energy back into refreshing our soul-space. By turning inward and following out instinct, our intuition, our gut feeling. Do we need an extra five hours of sleep? Will sitting drawing, sketching, painting ease our souls aches? Would a shower, bath or a drink of water ground us again? Are there emotions inside that need releasing in some physical form (such as tears, laughter)? Can we find ourselves by losing ourselves?

This is the time to drift, to let the waters of life carry you. There is no need for a plan, for a course of action. Connecting with your spiritual power is the best way to feel present. You can be here by allowing yourself to feel.

To some, Mars in Pisces is a time to dive into deeper waters. To find more depth. It's crushing to some signs, it's stifling, smothering and they risk drowning. Strong egos battle this - is it insanity, when all seems to slip, fade, crumble and dissolve? Poetic souls will love this time - as it helps them tap into greater creativity. Images. Ideas. Notions. Feelings. Visuals.

No words are needed now. All is found and all comes into being, from a feeling.

Mars in the final sign asks us to complete a physical cycle. Tie up loose ends. Prepare to clean house for a new beginning when Mars marches (this time for real) into Aries, the sign he belongs in (May 15).

Saying goodbye to old actions, old patterns of behavior and old anger is important now. Release your attachment to any form of resistance in your life. It's the only cause of pain. Once you leave the shore you've chained yourself to, the waters of Pisces will carry you. And there'll be no more room for pain and anger because there'll be no more resistance. Just acceptance and allowing and being carried on life's current.

Let the sirens soothe you with their soul song. You can hear them by tuning in and letting yourself feel how you feel. And then to kick off from the shore of even this emotional island, and on to the next feeling.

Close your eyes, and float....



Anonymous said...

i would love to beging to learn how to do asrological birth you know of any good books that can explain the process?
thank you
jean moran

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful Neil - but how will it affect a moody Cancerian?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Neil. You explained why I am feeling the way I do today ! (Mars enters Pisces). I couldn't figure out my mood today (I felt like crying), even while I was at work and knew the moon was in Sag. I didn't make sense to myself, and I could not talk myself out of my mood...I am usually strong yet easy-going. Thank you for your article because now I can relate to what is going on and soon be able to dive more deeply. (Cancer Sun, Scorpio rising). Namaste.

Neil D Paris said...


I'm going to begin teaching Astrology myself - it's great you're looking to find out how to read charts yourself.
There's a lot of info out there, online is a great tool. As for books I'm not sure which is best to begin learning how to read charts. I will look through my files and see what I can come up with, alright? I have some links and notes, it was 14 yrs ago I began.

Let me ask you - what specifically were you interested in learning, then I can point you in the right direction. Drop me a note here or email me!