Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I attended a screening of a short film I starred in, last year here in Hollywood a couple of days ago and realized today that it was a strong symbol of this upcoming Aries New Moon period. The movie was entitled 'Hurt'. I play the lead who is tied to a chair, beaten, but who in the end frees himself and traps my abuser in the same chair. The dialogue contains the line 'I'm better than my Father, I can hurt you without breaking a bone, when I want to'.

I wonder where we learned violence? Maybe it's an animal thing inside. It's worth investigating our anger issues during this lunar cycle. Why the need to pick on someone for their way of living. We don't like it, why can't we move beyond it? Why must another suffer because we are not happy? Good question. Misery does love company - if we mkae another as unhappy as we may feel, I guess we're not alone anymore. And yet Aries - the sign of aggression IS the sign of the lone gunman, the single soul, the 'I stand alone' motif.

The Aries energy of aggression, fighting, testosterone, is so prevalent during the Aries New Moon, and we have a choice in how to use this. New Moons aren't karmic in nature - they are seed planting times. We have a choice (perhaps it's easier at this point that it is at the Full Moon when we're more irrational due to a build up of unreleased tension). Violence hurts us, no matter if we inflict ir or suffer it. Even the release of a film can be symbolic. I only realized this today, but a short film on violence, released a day before the Aries New Moon, conciding with more gun themes in the States, are two of the shadow sides of Aries energy.

I'll endeavor to keep my eyes and ears open for the flip side - Aries energy of the pioneering kind, championing another's cause, using energy to achieve something, not bring something or someone down.

That choice remains ours this month. Somehow, during times of violence, it's easy to part people into two camps - abusers and victims, but in reality they are two sides of the same coin, however crazy it may sound. When we dance across the polarity divide, we only fall into illusion.

What seeds are you planting with the focus of your energy?



Anonymous said...

was this written befor v tech massacre?? If so very predictive of you neil !! question; did other mssecre that took place in mid april waco texas, 4/19/93 ,oklahoma city 4/1995,columbine high 4/20/99 take place during aries moon.??

Neil D Paris said...

I wrote the piece after the news, but the Aries theme coincides - I only realized the personal relevance (the New Moon fell on my Aries Chiron (wounds) and South Node (past lifetimes and karmic inheritance) in my 5th House (creative projects). So the film screening (a violent action sequence) was screened the day before.

I don't have the exact times to check your info, but it would be good research. It does seem as though there is an Aries correlation between these incidents - all markers of misdirected anger and frustration.