Friday, April 20, 2007

Release! Saturn goes Direct (April 18)

Since Dec 5 2006, Saturn, the planet of hard work/karma/discipline/organization/rules-regulation-and-red-tape/career has been moving retrograde (backwards) and on April 18 went Direct once more, resuming his normal course.

How do we feel this here on Earth?

As a certain 'clunk' and a new drive and discipline to achieve Material Success. Growth inside has now done us the service of helping us see what needed strengthening within. This structure now puts us in a good space to deliver the goods in the outside world and MAKE something of ourselves.

Career objectives become solidified now - give it some time, but soon you'll have a greater sense of what you want and are able to achieve, with a little hard work and dedication.

At the same time, Vesta has gone retrograde - she's the asteroid of commitment and dedication and focus, and this energy will help us to continue probing our inner depths and working on our insecurities, with a view to spinning it round and securing something pretty damned special on the physical plane.

Saturn loves work, he loves serious disciplined dedicated effort. He loves to give us limits and help us overcome obstacles. He's the one who puts the ROAD CLOSED sign up but then gives you the biggest most quality box of chocolates as the reward when you find a detour and get around the problem.

He's the one we love to blame for punishing us, but the one we run to like a parent to say 'Look, did you see the amazing job I did?'.

Take a look in your life at your ACHIEVEMENTS to date. Most likely they are inner ones, the success you have to show is something inside - perhaps a greater self of self worth (for the Cancers in the crowd), a greater sense of discipline and ability to survive (Leo), a greater sense of their body and health (Pisces), a feeling of unshakable inner security (Taurus), commited relationships or give-and-take with others (Aquarius), focusing the mind (Gemini), dissolving unhealthy attachments and habits (Virgo), stepping into their true power (Scorpio), structuring their quests for knowledge and freedom (Sagittarius), breaking through fear to experience true trust and intimacy (Capricorn) and working on enjoying and expressing their ego without controlling life (Aries).

Now, the inner work you've done (the demons you've chased, the "issues" you've worked on inside, the fears you've broken through or faced...these now can be put to use in the outside world. Build something. Work on something. Put your career and professional life back as a top priority.

THE STRESSFUL ROADBLOCKS AND LIMITS of the past were for a reason - to now give you the freedom to create a much more stable and structured present and future with a view to what may not work, what can be tweaked, what holding onto fear can do, and how we can tighten our belts and our resolve to overcome the odds.

Whatever you want to manifest in the material world - Saturn is asking us to pour effort into it now. We can hold onto the shadows of the past, mourn our losses but this only delays the inevitable - that we are here to create and build something. So cut your losses, and now focus purely...on the gains.



elsa said...

That is the perfect graphic... :-)

Neil D Paris said...

Glad you like it, Elsa! Feels even freeing looking at it, huh?!

October Crow said...

Ohhhh Saturn... I am weary of Saturn. Over the last 7 years I have had a Saturn return, then Saturn crossing my ascendant, and now Saturn opposing my Moon/Sun/Venus stellium. Thankfully it will all be over in September... and hopefully Saturn will give me a passing grade!

Neil D Paris said...


You must feel like you're going through the juicer! I have a friend experiencing the current Saturn conjunction with his Moon. I told him the message was to look after yourself - and to find out where you're cutting off your own Leo Moon vibration and to know that you're worth it and that you're here to experience a life of Joy!

So whatever is happening (I'm sure way more than you'd like right now!) as long as you can make the choice to reach for something more fun, and give yourself the love and respect you need right now (honoring your feelings) it eases Saturn's burden and he too suddenly becomes an aid to your wellbeing instead of someone whipping your ass.

A major hug to you, and good on ya for carrying Saturn's burdens, you're an inspiration to the rest of it!

Keep me posted on how you feel come September - dancing in the aisles I bet!