Friday, July 18, 2008

You serious? Capricorn Full Moon (Jul 18)

Today the Full Moon shines triumphant in Capricorn, the sign of the Achiever, the Climber, the Hard Worker & the Master.

Are you fulfilled in your career path? Are you working hard and satisfied with your results? What's the relationship like with the Boss? If you're your own boss, are you balancing out time at home (personal) with your practical path ahead (professional)?

We all face these questions - what's going on inside of us and is it showing on the outside (possible skin issues now could represent an "irritation" of being in your skin, or a dietary issue due to stress at home/work.) Our inner parent comes to the forefront of our minds, pointing our what we have or have not done, what still needs to be done and whether we're making anything of ourselves. Sheesh!

Are we having enough "me" time away from outside considerations (having to take care of someone, having to pay bills, having to get up to go to work, having to eat, having to exercise etc).

Is your "having to" becoming the bane of your existence?

If so, you need a new structure to your life. A simple shift, helped along by this two-week Full Moon window: grab a calendar, diary or piece of paper to note down what you WANT to achieve this next two weeks and what you HAVE to achieve in this time.

That's it - the next two weeks. Keep only THIS in mind, and it all gets a whole lot easier.

Here are some ideas to balance the Full Moon energies (The Sun is in Cancer & the Moon is in Capricorn right now):
Clean up your home space, hang a calendar then sit down and write out your schedule. Where's your free time? Where's your 'nose down' time? Take the foundation of your resume and revamp it. Any new credits, jobs, titles, achievements? Frame your accomplishments, however small, on the wall at home. Bring your home to your work space, where possible. Memories, photos. Make your work space comfy, you spend a lot of time there. Work on making things at home run smoother - a chore list? Scheduled days for certain tasks? Who's getting groceries this week? Who's cleaning the tub? Congratulate yourself for small successes to date. Paying the rent. Dressing today. Hugging your friend. Paying for gas!

Realize you've become way too serious and it's time to laugh off the heavy feeling you have wrapped around your shoulders. Capricorn Full Moons are notorious for showing you how LITTLE you've accomplished (or so it seems) and how the NEXT person has a better job/cell phone/computer/partner than you do.

Get over yourself! We're all equal - regardless of what we possess or what we've done. We're all "just trying to get by". Some of you may find a promotion is on the cards (if so, congrats!). The Universe is handing you an opportunity to climb higher, to prove yourself to yourself, to stretch for more, for better, for greater than you have. This is YOUR time to shine, to achieve, to bask in the glory of your own respect. And then, that of others who admire you.

For some, it's a time when others seem to block you for some reason - when authorities say NO, and hand out a RED Flag, instead of a Green Card. When you have to jump through hoops to get a reply, or an acceptance. Bosses seem to have it in for you, or you're lost, without a job or an authority figure. You're left with yourself - to find your own purpose, your own plan, and your own determination to make it.

What is success to you?

That's the biggie. If you can answer that, you're well on your way. Maybe it's NOT what you've been led to believe? Maybe you don't care about the trinkets of success - cars, computers, clothes etc. Maybe it's having free time? Maybe it's seeing others smile. Maybe it's walking in a pain-free body or a painful one, but still being able to continue on.
Have a plan. Have a goal. Have a small plan on moving towards it. Success isn't whether you get there. Achievement is. Success is the process of even bothering, of even trying.

If you woke up today and somehow stumbled across this message - WELL DONE! You're living in crazy times on a crazy planet, with crazy energies bombarding us, working against us, working alongside us -all to work WITH us in experiencing a new part of ourselves.

I think that's a pretty great achievement. So smile. In whatever chapter of life you find yourself right now, you made it this far. And you're still here.

A pretty great job if you ask me...
Your Astrological Authority (in casual clothes), Neil

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ammora said...

you nailed it...i cannot possibly emphasize how accurate this entire post was to the life i've had the past two days.
people disappear with no seems to suck in every way is tight...the inevitable lonely feeling..but i have to push forward and make the best of it. this gave me some hope that i'm not crazy and there IS truth to the full moon's swinging power.