Monday, May 07, 2007


It's unusual for me to in the position of predicting the possible delivery date for a newborn soul, but a friend who was waiting and wondering when her Taurus cherub was arriving (after planning for an Aries birth...she and her husband are both Arians!) was curious so I offered to take a look at her charts using a number of methods.

I drew up her Lunar Return to take a look at her MONTH ahead. I followed that up with a look at her Diurnal Chart - a great way to see what is happening in a DAY period, used to narrow time frames down and see what the major issues, themes and happenings are likely to be.

Her Diurnal showed for a couple of days in the month a Leo Ascendant (sign of the child), Jupiter in her 5th House (children) in great aspect to her Ascendant (new beginnings) and also in aspect to the Sun in her 10th House (of status).

I narrowed it down to May 1 or May 2 - after all such strong signs of children, birth and a change in one's status (becoming a Mother) are such rare occurances in our charts and lives, and with other factors I can't recall just now, I decided on these two days in the month and lo and behold, baby Oktober was born on May 1! Right before the Scorpio Full Moon (that fell in her mother's 5th house of childbirth).

I want to wish Oktober (who, despite being born in May actually has a Scorpio Moon, the sign traditionally associated with the month of October) all the best for their new journey together - Aries, Aries and Taurus. I think little Oktober is bringing some much needed Earth to the proud parents fire! She also has Pisces rising (the Moon signs of both her mom and dad).

I'll post her chart here so feel free to leave any thoughts of your own on Oktober.

Congratulations to Rebecca - she's the director of one of my short films by the way. I'll have to post it up here when it's finally complete.

A new soul is on the planet - a Taurus, with Scorpio Moon and Pisces Rising, ready to kick ass, and bring us some new spiritual blessings. Watch out World!


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