Monday, May 14, 2007

Sex Scenes (with photos!)

My latest excursion into the world of acting was entitled Sex Scenes. New York author Polly Frost, is traveling promoting her current book Deep Inside (available on Amazon this month), in a series of readings entitled Sex Scenes (how appropriate for a Scorpio Riser such as myself...Polly is a Scorpio, and my partner is also working alongside us, and he's a Scorpio too..I've yet to find out everyone elses but I'm sure there'll be more Scorpionic souls!)

The stories cover the vast landscape that is human sexuality - you name it, it's covered. Erotic tales mixed with great humor. It's fast becoming popular...and just a heck of a lot of fun to act in.

The latest offering was at Tangier in Los Feliz in Los Angeles. This night was a pretty special one - as the temperatures began to soar inside, the electric went out which led us all to use candles in a truly intimate setting (since there was no way to get the power back on!). And to add to the mix - the entire event was (thankfully at the end) evacuated due to the smoke filling the street. Griffith Park was ablaze behind us, and the entire area was being shut down. As we left, we could smell the smoke in the lobby, and in the street people were packed to watch the glorious horizon of orange and red glowing behind the Griffith Park Observatory (which remained untouched I believe).

I've attached a picture so you can see what we saw on the way home. An amazing night and in one word....HOT.

Mars hasn't moved into Aries yet, so I'm sure when the planet of Fire meets the sign of Fire it rules, there'll be more blazes, fireworks, explosions and heated conversations and temperatures.

I'll be appearing next in Santa Barbara at Cellar 205, so if you're in the area, and fancy a fun night of sexy secrets and much, much laughter, then stop in and say Hi!


P.S The strange face pulling was the 'orgasm scene' from 'A Personal Relationship. You oughta hear everyone else...