Friday, May 25, 2007

Blurry Boundaries: Neptune goes Retrograde

No, do not adjust your eyes.

Neptune, the planet that blurs, dissolves, and otherwise confuses most practical folk, is going backwards Planet Earth, bathing us all with some much-needed magic, down-time and drifty, dreamy vibes.

It comes at a pretty interesting time - as I try and navigate the blur that is my world without contact lenses. I'm reading some interesting books right now, and learning to wean myself off the "crutches" that prescription lenses are. Some schools of thought have me paying attention right now because they seem to reflect my own - that everything in the body is holographic, and thus holds a message for the well-being of ourselves as a whole.

Is it possible that our eyes could become less astute following a major emotional crisis in our lives? That's one theory I'm currently exploring (did you get glasses or contacts within a year or so of some major emotional experience? And could the left eye receive energy and information (connected to the right-brain of receptive and feminine energy) and the right eye send information and energy out into the world (connected to the left brain logical and masculine hemisphere)? And that imbalances between the two could be related to brain function and our intimate connection with the men and women in our lives (mother and father issues anyone?)

No matter - I am tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses when I'm not wearing lenses, so I've been on a campaign to heal and restore my eyesight, with exercises, spending longer periods without them in (I'm typing this now without any visual aids). I noticed a bad habit of reading and doing most close up work with my contacts IN, which is really not a healthy thing to do, or sleeping with them in. Basically I was spending just about every waking moment with my contacts in.

The books give you exercises - including getting 20 mins of a sunlight a day through closed eyes. As I always felt, we've been taught to fear the sun, but it could just improve sight dramatically. It can't hurt to try. Navigating the blur has brought up a lot of irritating feelings of course, as a sort of psychic clear0out of old issues that probably were there when my eyes starting becoming problematic.

Astrologically I was born with the Sun challenging Neptune - the planet of the infamous "blur". Which is one excuse I could make. The other would be genetic (my father - represented by the Sun in our charts) wore glasses (Neptune). Do Pisces wear glasses more than most signs or others with a strong Neptune? I don't know, I don't have the time for such extensive study. But I do know, that it can't hurt to try and heal my vision.

And slowly, it's starting to work.

I've noticed some clear flashes, and can actually see the view of the Hollywood sign on the horizon, better without my lenses in. I'm sitting further back from the computer and feeling pretty grand that this is actually working. I do get annoyed from time to time, but it's all part of the healing process - not walking without the crutches I've been using for a LONG time now.

For the rest of you, Neptune Retrograde is also about navigating the blur. In your own life, Neptune is in a particular part of YOUR chart. Wherever it is, it'll be causing a few clouds of confusion - as you work out what's fact, what's fiction, and where the heck you're going. Also Neptune helps to dissolve anything that causes you to fall for the illusion that you're separate from the rest of us. You're not. We're all connected. Neptune now will help erode boundaries and barriers - great for the hard-hearted in the crowd, but not so good for those who have few limits, weakened immune systems or who are 'away with the fairies' as they say.

Best enjoy charting a course, while letting things take their course. Don't push, bu do back up your plans, and double check. Neptune loves to let things drift along with no protocol. You may find it useful to notate your dreams for spiritual messages too right now.

This period lasts until Halloween (Oct 31) when Neptune goes Direct once more. Between now and then, enjoy dispelling clouds of confusion, alleviating stress by taking baths, walks by water or drinking more water, but also being wary of your emotional tides - so you don't get swept away by your own (or someone else's) emotional undercurrents. Security now lies in following intuition, and if in doubt, leaving well enough alone.

The voice of your spirit is calling you -
make sure you turn down the outer volume enough
to hear what your inner voice is saying.

Love and no contact lenses,


Doreen said...

"...did you get glasses or contacts within a year or so of some major emotional experience?" Well, heck yes! And I've never thought about it in that context before! Too personal to talk about here, but what an insight! And, I, too, have Sun in challenging aspect to Neptune. Square. Yes, indeed. And, btw, you find the greatest images and photos for your blog posts. Thanks, Neil.

Peace to you--Doreen

Kuanyin said...

In regards to the emotional link to bad eyesight, I was told the reason I had bad eyesight (since my youth) was because of a traumatic experience in a past life. I've also read that those who've had trauma in their current lives often go blind, so there is more than likely a connection.

frankie baby said...

Thank you Neil, Although we've come to Nov.2, and since about September 15, when this retrograde began, I have experienced absolute madness, drama and the obvious loss of a lover in my life. In my research Ive come across many sites with different theories, but I particularly enjoy what you have to say, the eye sight issue is forsure something Im dealing with, and have recently misplaced my driving glasses (that have recently become glasses for everything, as my sight is diminishing) and have been forced to drive without them, and I'm actually quite enjoying it. The bit about intense dreams happening thru this time period, I feel that immensely, as I know my dreams are containing psychic messages in relation to my world, and loss of a lover..
It's very comforting to have read this, and forsure I'm relating to most issues discussed. I'm eager to see what's up next, and also slightly nervous so I hope you've got a new blog coming!

Neil D Paris said...

Hey Frankie

Thanks for stopping by and sharingh some energy, great to hear from ya! Did you see the blog entry on PINHOLE GLASSES (do a search for that at the top of the blog) its not too old and it may help you out right now since you misplaced your glasses (not for driving but useful for other stuff I have a pair).
Glad you related to the material, stay tuned for new stuff there's always something happening! Much Love, Neil xx