Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but YOUR Truth? Full Moon in Sag (May 31)

The Full Moon in Sagittarius this week ( yes it's our second one this May since it's a "Blue Moon" month) is sure to unearth the truth. No I won't use a capital because truth is most often a highly personal thing. Universal Truth is a different thing - we all have a heart, lungs to breathe and so forth. This is indisputable. However, every story has a viewpoint and each storyteller has a bias.

Therefore, truth is really perspective. I guess you could say that speaking from your heart is truly speaking the truth. Everything else is emotional distortion.

Sagittarius is the sign of Religion, Beliefs, Knowledge, Maps, Travel, Culture - these are all fields sure to be intensified this next two weeks. Fancy getting embroiled in a debate over whose belief is right and who is wrong? Be my guest - it's a great week for it. in other words, it's a fantastic time for running around fighting people who don't agree with you.

Stand by your truth. it's that simple. Don't fight it, don't prove it, don't have a need to be right. Just stand by your own, walking-talking personalized version of the truth.

What is right for YOU?

This Full Moon:

Get outside more - sunlight heals, walks freshen your mind and gaining perspective is easier
Finish a book - finally you get to catch up on some personal time
Spit it out - get it off your chest so you can offload your emotional baggage
Annihilate "beliefs" that hinder a healthy life - get your facts straight or find out for yourself
Go horse riding - it's wild, free and fun, and gets you back to Nature
Finalize travel plans to get the heck out of your bubble
Let go of your need to be right or be understood or be heard or be accepted
Stop telling the same stories about the same people and the same dramas

This particular Full Moon is aided by Mars in Aries - so honesty truly is the best policy now - as long as you're not trying to cut someones arm off with it. Speak from your heart, but don't harm. There's NO reason to be bored now - if you are, you're dwelling on old stuff or you're blocking the flow of energy this Full Moon brings us.

The Moon squares the Nodes of Destiny - we're roadblocked until we work out where our truth lies - what do you REALLY want, what do you REALLY believe. Are you a walking self-fulfilling prophesy? Is everyone really out to get you? Does chocolate really give you zits?
We can't progress unless we redefine our stance on certain topics.

Worldwide, we'll get to hear some big stories about shady people and their shady goings-on (as usual but in greater numbers). And perhaps some old stories we'd forgotten about, with a new spin and some information coming to light that we didn't know about the first time around.

And finally, one of my personal "truths" for you - I believe that truth is simple.
Everything else is a scrambled version of truth, because simplicity is truly key to a healthy, happy life.

If it's not simple,
you may be missing the point,
or missing YOUR truth in the matter.


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