Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sensual and Soulful: Taurus New Moon

As an Astrologer with a blog I'm always torn between getting to write about the Lunar Cycles (new & Full Moons) before they happen, or living them out myself and then writing about them in hindsight.

So I'll promise I'll get to this Taurus New Moon we're currently under. It's about getting grounded, enjoying the material world (yes, including money) and focusing on the things we truly value in life. What we focus on, grows - remember?

As a salute to the sensual and grounding energy of Taurus, here's something to relish - a performance by a great friend and client, Cecilia. Check out her amazing Jazz Performance.
As a Pisces, with Taurus Rising, her soul path is to channel spiritual energy into such Taurean beauty as singing (as one vehicle). She's amazing.

As mars moves into Aries this week too - it's HOT. We're not talking temperature, we're talking wildfires (Aries and Mars both relate to FIRE in its raw form - gunfire, fireworks, quick ignitions, explosions and the FIRE to get moving!).

Thanks Cecilia, for such a soul-stirring performance and for sharing your Pisces/Taurus gifts with the world!


If you'd like to book Cecilia, or check out her own website, you can connect with her here!

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