Tuesday, May 08, 2007

London Radio scoops Sony!

GayDar Radio, the station I appear on weekly with live forecasts via the cosmic telepathy of technology, just won a Sony for the "Digital Terrestrial Station of the Year" which is great news.

RainbowNetwork its sister site is branching out into new areas, including publishing. That's the home of the current forecasts, so thanks for all your support, stamps of approval and other amazingly-nice things you've been saying about them.

And if you haven't and would like to, then drop them a note at feedback@rainbownetwork.com
Hey, I have Saturn in Leo so it's less of a 'promote me and pat my back' as it is a Thanks for being so cool and helping me to continue doing what I'm doing! :)

The Internet is a place we rush through so often each day and week, and it's really cool that people have taken time to stop by the site and leave their commendation.

Onwards and Upwards, and congrats to my radio colleagues over in London!


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