Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ready to blow...Scorpio Full Moon

In case you missed it, this was what i wrote briefly on the weekly scopes (last week) regarding the Scorpio Moon. We're still under its influence:

Full Moons in Scorpio are kinda like Halloween, somehow, somewhere. Our masks are ON, but somehow, the spooky emotions we hide from ourselves have a habit of slipping out from behind. It could be an explosive week or it could just be seven days of sex, sensuality and sin. Pile on passion and powerful feelings and you’ll be laughing if you’re already happy, and fuming if you’re not since Scorpio magnifies how you feel with a double-dose of dynamite. Whatever gives, let it go. Landslides may take away solid foundations, but Nature has a plan. She knows what must stay and what must be removed so something better can take its place.

The New Moon in Taurus is coming up next week, to soothe us all, just as Mars marches into fiery Aries. Already we had fires here in Los Angeles (my gig the other night was evacuated but more on that next time!).


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