Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buried Treasure: The Jupiter-Pluto Alignment Part II

Jupiter is the energy within us that wants more, to seeks more, that desires to understand, to know, to experience firsthand the Truth of something. It is expansion and growth, cultural connections, joy and laughter, serendipity and synchronicity based on faith in good fortune and a Higher Power. Jupiter relates to courts, legal systems, bodies of knowledge, philosophies, religion, teaching and education, road trips and long distance pilgrimages, libraries or publications and publishing, abundance and prosperity.

Pluto is the energy in us
that recycles in order to recreate and renew. The energy that destroys cells in order to rebuild the body with fresh ones. It connects us to the desire to die and return stronger/better/freer. It wipes out anything that we cling to with the false belief that we need it or need to be defined by it. It's our soul's deepest yearning or obsession. It strips to the core, digs, unearths. Pluto relates to secrets, hidden things, the underground or underworld, passion and intensity, merging of energies (sexual, financial etc), soul-unions, taboos - rape, incest, sexual secrets, abuse, power issues, sexuality, abortion, murder, revenge, jealousy and all the other lower-vibration emotions, volcanic eruptions and their fertile aftermath, nuclear power, purging, cleansing, elimination, and ultimate transformation.

Right now, these two are dancing together side by side in the skies. Symbolically the myths of the two energies are now combined and ready to incarnate their own energies on the planet below, and WILL be experienced, felt or witnessed by all those who dwell on Planet Earth.

We each have a chance to embody these energies in creative or destructive ways, all of our own choosing, in various areas of our lives. To start off, take a look at the forecasts for where you'll generally experience a major shift if you're willing, by clicking here for Part 1 of the alignment.

We have a chance now to get to the core of the matter. To really zoom in on what we desire. To enrich our lives now with a totally new code of conduct, a new belief system, a new way of looking at life based on a new hope, a new faith, and a new perspective.

Can you look around and destroy one way of operating? Enjoy everything you have right now, because change is imminent. Your old ways of living cannot continue if they are holding you back from what you truly desire. Desires work magic with this alignment and the more force, emotion, intent and passion you inject into a belief, the more likely it is to appear in your life. Do you want it? How much do you want it? And how do you feel about having it?

Feel it now. Witness it appearing later (if not sooner).

On the global scale, we already are bearing witness to some big legal (Jupiter) investigations (Pluto) into why the CIA (A secretive agent of Pluto) destroyed (Pluto) tapes of legal interrogations. You can't keep hidden what Pluto decides must be unearthed. Not when Jupiter, Lord of expansion makes it a bigger deal and shines the spotlight of truth on matters.

A variety of manifestations for us so far:

The former Peruvian President was just jailed for "abuse of power"
The Federal Reserve is helping bail out banks (Pluto and Jupiter combined relate to massive wealth)

A former Bosnia Serb general gets 33 years for attacks on civilians between 1992 - 1995.

A new massive (Jupiter relates to BIG things!) dinosaur discovered (Pluto rules excavations)
A library book (Jupiter ruled) returned after 40 years.
The world's most expensive cocktail launched. (Jupiter/Pluto massive wealth)
Sex and Size or exaggeration?! Jack Nicholson says he could be the father of 9,000 kids.
Big mouths and big words (often with a sexual context with Pluto hanging around) with Christina Aguilera claiming she'll still wear crotchless chaps at 60.

Of course, as Jupiter expands information it can also expand the lie, creating exaggeration and hyperbole. Coupled with Pluto, how do we know it's accurate and trustworthy? We don't and can't. This alignment is all about letting it come out in the wash. Words matter least of all when it comes to truth - the truth will always out, often by the energetic downfall of those who KNOW they are deceiving. only the untrustworthy have any real reason to fear
a betrayal.

The tangled webs of those who lie will unravel in the days, weeks and months ahead and an almighty scrambling to regain ground will begin. Watch those who struggle to appear innocent, for they are the ones who are trying to hide.

As Pluto prepares to depart from Sagittarius we can look back at an era of themes that all encompass this blend of energies:

The death and rebirth of the airline industry
Mass death on planes
Horror movies (Pluto) relating to the outback, foreigners, travel, getting lost, losing the map (all Sag themes)
The re-interpreting of religion (in movies such as the Da Vinci code)
Transformative powerful beliefs re-introduced into society (The Secret - a Pluto theme)
More shootings in Schools (the latest in India) and Churches (Both Sag areas)
Educational Reforms

It's not over yet. As Jupiter and Pluto meet in the final degrees of Sagittarius, we'll get a final message of just what these two are trying to do - destroy all beliefs and knowledge that separates us, that leads us to believe we can get away abusing our positions and power and information in order to manipulate or bend others to our will. As religion has created such divides, we now stand on the border of a new land, a new place where we're all "simply human".

Whether we end this phase (Feb 08) seeing the bombing of churches, or some religious downfall, whether we face more annihilation in order to shift our beliefs away from believing we are powerless, whether we witness "acts of god" that religious bodies will use as punishment to keep us in check, whether we suddenly discover we've been lied to on a grand scale, or whether all is quiet and we just feel a desire to expand our life, travel overseas, learn more or decide we no longer will be at the mercy of our inner demons, we're equipped cosmically with a powerful too:

To redesign our life, by re-writing our internal philosophical scripts. To live only our truth yet remain open to the stories of others.

Earth will end one chapter of its history soon, and we get to tie it all together now. Digging deep to locate the parts of yourself hidden from view - fears, phobias, and our Dark Side, we get to unearth the treasure. How can the world reflect hidden darkness if we reveal our own and offer it ot the Light of conscious awareness?

The more you shed, the more you reveal and unearth the brighter things become. Out yourself, free yourself and shed your baggage, and the world breathes easier. Stuff it away, hide it, repress it, lie about it or try and manipulate others to protect it, are all sure fire ways to create some major revelation in your own life or on the main stage of life's arena.

The choice - as always - is yours.

Play your power cards with open integrity, so you don't become a hidden card in someone else's unscrupulous hand.


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neil, INTENSE as usual I hope you will write a book with astrological predictions.