Friday, December 14, 2007

Jupiter in Capricorn (Dec 18 2007 - Jan 5 2009)

It's time to set your sights on a new horizon.

Jupiter always shows us where our growth is - where we experience more, where we WANT more, where we can have more, where we hope to expand our horizons with more knowledge and direct experience. Where we get more (hopefully in order to GIVE more and thus receive even more - the karmic law of dissemination). Jupiter is the treasure we find, to bring back to the tribe. The adventure and the journey, and the knowledge that this IS the destination.

Jupiter enters a new sign (Capricorn) this Dec 18 and remains there until Jan 5 2009 expanding our "Capricorn" nature. Each of us holds each sign within us (our charts show WHERE this Capricorn energy is within you - if the 2nd house you handle material resources like a Capricorn, if the 7th House you attract and work well with practical and organized folk, if the first house you embody the principles of Capricorn - attention to work and managerial control). These specific areas of our lives (the House Capricorn falls in) will be faced with a choice - EXPAND AND GROW, or face frustrating stagnation. These areas will get BIGGER in order to attract our attention.

Jupiter rules:

BELIEF: Our philosophy, code of conduct, what we believe and thus live according to, which becomes our ethics or morals.
MAKING THINGS BIGGER: The expansion of what we put our attention on, which thus grows (we find what we seek) and which then becomes the 'proof' to the philosophy we believed above.

HONESTY/INTEGRITY/THE TRUTH: The collecting of various perspectives in order to decide upon our own point of view. Seeing the bigger picture and the thread of truth that runs through everything. The more we know, the more we see it's all can be boiled down to a simple truth. Living according to this truth becomes our integrity. Dis-honesty, then, becomes living against what we claim to be our personal truth or point of view of how things 'should be'. Personal Bias is just Personal Perspective. to "live" in reverse to what we know is right for us, is "evil" (the word in reverse).

DISSEMINATING/THE "MESSAGE": The passing on of what we have learned in our physical or mental travels. The bringing back the treasure from the exploration. The giving and receiving (sharing and listening) along the way. The message becomes what we have to add to the pool of the collective (our knowledge, wisdom, ideas and truths given to society to enrich and further our database of knowledge).

GREED: The constant hunger and pursuit of what we expanded upon earlier. We get more and want more. A never-ending hunger to fill a need previously unmet through the attainment or achievement of what we have constantly focused upon. A cover for more pressing unmet and undisclosed needs.

The experience of seeing what we focus on grow, so that we can enjoy the fruits of our manifestation-harvest. The more we have, the more we CAN have. The more we believe (above) that is is possible, and thus find that 'good fortune' favors us and we attract more of the same (like attracts like, the rich become richer etc). We experience inside what it is we wanted outside, and thus it shows up outside (and reinforces the feeling inside which creates an endless loop of abundance). At its simplest level, we feel 'full' - because we have gratitude for what we feel (not always because of what we 'have'.)

Without any evidence, or 'proof' our beliefs (above) couple with a feeling that things can be better, can get better, can be even greater. The fuel of the journey of seeking that Jupiter exemplifies. The silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel, the happy ending. A possibility worth pursuing.

The first stage of Jupiter is always EXCESS - we want more. And often get it. Too much of it.

The second stage is knowledge - we know that too much doesn't make us feel any better. Satiation leads to boredom. Now what?

The third stage is wisdom - we know that the pursuit is enough, and that the attaining of something only sets us up for further desire-satiation. Yet we use this to fuel us to greater heights, to seek more and share more of he abundance of our findings (or attainment). Desire becomes a stepping stone to our next worthy cause.

Just what is this "Capricorn" nature we possess?

It's the side of us that likes to get to the top, be on top, have control, wield control, clock-watch and make sure things run according to "protocol". It's the inner Authority Figure we have, who points the finger and says 'You SHOULD be doing this or that'. It's the inner father. It's the part of us that knows we have limited time here, and the clock is ticking. It's the part of us that wants to do what we KNOW we came here to do, deep down. It's about ACHIEVEMENT, STATUS, or REPUTATION and our OFFERING TO THE WORLD. It's about making your mark with effort, impact, and dedication.

What can we expect? A strong "business" feel to everything. A better structure. A more expansive 'plan' to our lives. Great new horizons as we take our career 'on the road' so to speak - trying on new facets of ourselves. Growing our business. Publishing information on our climb to the top, our 'story'. Teaching what we know to a wider audience. Merging with others who made it before us.

Our 'direction' is surely to change with the arrival of this Jupiter energy at our disposal. Whether you love your career, don't have one, are 'stuck' (or so it feels) or seeking fresher fields, this is the period when we can do so - as long as we work with the perfect balance of both sign (Capricorn) and planet (Jupiter). Pragmatism with hope. Structure with positivity. Planning with belief. Grounded visions. A workable philosophy.

There's only one way to see if it works now.

Try it.

Simple as that.

Bon Voyage!

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As always, thank you for the information with such wonderful insights to go along with it. Marti