Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mapping your New World: Last New Moon of 2007

Welcome to the last New Moon of 2007. A last chance to correct our course, and take ourselves in a new direction before 08 kicks in. It's never too late to change.

In Sagittarius Season we're reminded that life is full of a bounty of one sort or another. We can't all be millionaires at the same time, we can't all be happily married or dating at the same time, and we can't all be taking vacations at the same time. That's now how life is set up currently on Earth. But we CAN have it all, if we realize that life is infinite and that our Chart represents a moment of time - we are ambassadors of that Moment in Time. Everything we do affects that moment of time that we represent, and in changing our lives, in each choice we make, we change the very moment we are. The Moment of our birth. Yes, we change the past...all from the present moment.

One choice now could change everything for you. That's the power of a New Moon and nowhere is the possibility of great things more apparent than in Sagittarius, the signs of grand schemes, amazing dreams and mighty adventures. Shoot for the Moon and you may just land there. And never judge a story until it's final page - and even then, how do you know it's really truly over?

This unique New Moon brings in the crackily craziness of Uranus to zap us into our rightful selves, free of the shackles of zany notions that we're stuck, that we're limited, that we're doing something wrong, and free of the idea that we all need to copycat each other and stuff our individuality into our unconscious, never to see the light of day.

This New Moon reminds us that those things that annoy, irritate or make us explode now, are those parts of ourselves that long-since stuffed "below" are rising to the surface in order to be freed - and thus freing us in the process. You're only as free as the amount of fear you don't hold onto.

So taking a chance on being independent, wild, freakish, "different" and without a group, gang, posse or place on society is a good thing, as long as it's not leading us to hell-bent destruction since we're lost without a cause. Find one. Even if it's helping a friend out. Dedicate yourself now to something that helps out. Pick up litter. Better yet, free yourself so that the rest of us can benefit from YOUR liberation.

Is it so hard to see as we move into a new year, that everything we do as individual is helping everyone? It is. Every jail you break free from inside, helps us all breathe that much easier. Perhaps in 2008 the key to cosmic climate, won't be greenhouse gases so much as the end to the symbolic polluting of our air, with negative thoughts and words. Air, after all represents the realm of the intellect.

Since the New Moon is also tied with Neptune this month, we're allowed a dose of beautiful inspiration and escapism. Channeling it into artistic creations, helping those in need, and tapping into the magic of the holiday "spirit" is a great way to manifest this energy. Music. Candles. Fantasy. Illusion. Magic. And not to get sidetracked into believing anything will be the key to your ultimate freedom, just an enjoyment along the way.

If anything, break your chains now as we leave 2007 behind. Old ideas, nagging addictions that distract you from a place of inner peace. Let it all go. You don't need it. All stress now seems to come from some manifestation of a belief in being trapped somehow and somewhere. Breathe. Be mentally free before you seek to feel free and thus BE free.

You can't keep your TRUE self down any longer. Whoever you REALLY are and were meant to be is coming back to remind you. Will you fight it, or become this person you truly are, all masks aside?

What do you believe?

At the New Moon we get to look closely at our own version of 'Truth'. Does it fit our new life or are we clutching to old beliefs. A timely question as we approach a Holiday that many now celebrate merely for the twinkling lights and gifts. After all - how many really feel religiously connected to a dated story that spans many religions (same dates, different names)?

Belief rules the world as what we believe, we seem to get - we're living under a Self Fulfilling Prophesy and this New Moon we get to learn something new to help us make a leap into a new world, based on new energy and less on traditions and beliefs we have held just because it seemed like a good idea.

We're ready to open a door, throw open the window and explore the world at large. It's so vast yet we forget, as we move from one box (our bed) to another (our home) to another (our car) to another (the store) to another (the office cubicle) to another (the bus) to another (the coffin!).

No, in all seriousness, it's worth considering where your freedom is this week - and if you can venture past the city limits of your own Comfort Zone.

We're all students and teachers at the same time now - we receive messages and pass them on unknowingly.

This New Moon asks us to:

Get out on a trip somewhere
Pick up a new book, learn a new language, do something totally new
Expand space - clear up at home, move clutter, give yourself leg room and elbow space
Be the free spirit you truly are
Allow others their own space
Redefine your belief system and don't get caught up in holy wars
Stop preaching
Stand for something new - rework your 'message'
Ask yourself - am I being honest or bluffing?
Walk your talk!
Bridge Cultural Divides
Go Horseriding
Tell the truth no matter how painful or nervous it makes you
Find greener grass
Reach for a dream, star, better situation
Laugh - comedy is SO needed now!
Be optimistic, reconnect with your inner faith
Renew your religious or spiritual vows or connections
Ask the Big Questions of your life and Destiny
Publish a new book or get writing
Start a new course or take an exam
Live with integrity
Be an example, even if no one else is doing it
Have faith in the silver lining and the light at the end of the tunnel
Kick up the dust and take off
Put up a map, or map out a new course or destination
Enjoy the journey for what it is
Keep moving!
Visit overseas or a new town, city - anywhere you've not been before!
Keep your mind active and your limbs moving

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign - think of the forest fires we've heard about so often on the news now. That's sag - spreading wildly, untamed and running free like the Centaur; the symbol of the sign.

See your Bigger Picture. Forget the small stuff and don't sweat the details. Stand back. Gain perspective. Climb a Hill, take a breather, look beyond the current time frame of circumstance and find the bigger meaning.

There's no reason to get bogged down in chilly feelings or emotional potholes now - the road of life is showing us a new horizon, a new exit, a detour to a new place. Are we "present" enough to see this?

Choices open up and once again we see just where our freedom and power lies - in choosing the best for ourselves. You cannot fool someone out of the truth -it's felt in our heart and guts and souls as a bell chiming inside. Truth seeks truth and finds it this week - so the question becomes:

Are you living the life you were born to live?
Anything else is a lie. Honesty isn't the best policy, then.
It's the only one. And assurance (and insurance)
of Bliss, guaranteed.



Anonymous said...

Over the past two years I've certainly learned that there are some things over which we have no control other than our response to it. I am also slowly learning to live in the moment and true to myself. Your article reinforced it. Thank you. Happy Holidays. Marti

Kelly Martin said...

Neil, what can I say? wow!
Did you climb into my headspace and pick that out of me lol!!?

I have had the very thing freedom come up inside me lately, had a bit of stress at work and did a journey (shamanic meditation) and met with my power animal, stag. I was talking to him about freedom or he was allowing me to feel his freedom. This stag was in an enclosure where I visit them and I went into his heart and felt his freedom. He said to me that even though he is enclosed that he feels freer than I was at the time. I went into a bookstore and opened up the page on being free and what it means to be free.It mentioned how someone in a prison can be free within themselves. And I did not know it was a sagitarrius new moon as you know my moon is in sagitarrius and I want nothing more than to feel independant, feel free inside of myself.

You touched on so many thoughts going through me.

So thankyou!

Hugs and love
Kelly x

Neil D Paris said...

Marti - thank you so much for the comments and thoughts. I am so excited to share more in 2008, as we move to even greater heights!

Kelly - I too have a Sag Moon - what a symbol the Stag was, and showing you about yourself. With Pluto and Jupiter meeting in Sag soon (check the next blog post for more on this!) your areas of restriction (or just a feeling of not being free) are about to blow open once and for all. Major leaps are ahead for us all. So your stag meeting was part of this for sure.

Thanks for sharing - you too are a teacher with your Sag Moon, from an ancestral group that passed on wisdom to the community, so keep sharing ;)


Anonymous said...

hi Neil, I am so happy to be able to read all about what you have written on the new moon in sag. I hope you dont mind, I plan on using parts in my radio-TV programs
I will only identify you as a friend, not by name unless with your approval. I have gone through eight years, in two court battles that we are forcing to a conclusion right now! by the 12th.
Hopefully have them resolved by the end of the year. Your comments
have touched us, into a new resolve, to hold nothing back, and open, all the lies and deception to the light. This conclusion, will finally set us free, of promises made to my parents, on their death beds. Thank you for the inspiration, and if you want ot critique it, this show will be on, in which I invite you to speak if you wish to. I am wondering since I have been dealing with what I thought were honest lawyers since the death of my mother, than 3 months later, the death of my father, then the death of my baby brother, a yr after my fathers death, as he could no longer live with the lies and deception,in which my older brother, caused with the help of his lawyers and ex wife, whom he married only after 2 months and new only 2 months after our father death, this wife and lawyer, took advantage of my olderest brother "executor" to the estate of my parents. Now I found a new lawyer, who has uncovered the lies, witholding of evidence, and briberary involved in these cases, one the wrongful death of our mother, and one the stripping the estate, of my parents. We are in federal courts, to force the issue on both cases, and to bring to light as I said before, all lies, and deception and witholding of evidence, made this go on for the past 8 years.We are not kidding ourselves, this has become very polititcal, and may overturn,the lies, of atleast 5 judges, and 4 lawyers, plus several politians, and we know we are in for a fight.
We also know that this is the time
to fear not and to fight the just fight, for a cause, and this will affect not only my family but, everyone in the south. PS, my brother the executor,on April 11th
passed away as we was trying to make all his wrongs right, through
a confession, and named all the names of the lawyers and judges that showed him how to orchestrate
the stripping of my parents estate
which left noting for the family exept for him and the lawyers and judges, that did do me harm leaving me nothing. So, I am hoping that I am following the new moon in sag, with pluto, shining the light, with neptune, so all the deception and lies will be uncovered. my dob, is 8/23/54 @8:30am, yuma arizona, now living in ocean springs miss, where all this took place. My dear brother, whom tried to make things right by me,was born on 8/18/53 @ 2:05 pm in el centro calif, was also living in ocean springs miss. where he tried to safe the estate of my parents wishes , to have me back in their home, and wiht all the assets that were taken from me to be in the hands of his girlfriend, and his ex wife, and all lawyers, and judges involved, however it was to late, when he made his last will in testate, on april 10 2007, to my lawyer at the time, was never follwed through, as he claimed after my brothers death on the 11th , that he has no idea there was call a nunculprative will, in which he was found out also my new lawyer, who was also my lawyer, but only watching in the back to not reveal himself, reasons being he had to find out also who was working for me or working against me, so he found out that this lawyer I did have to which my brother, left the confession to, never did follow up on my brothers confession, only to find out he to " my old lawyer" was also working against me. So this is when my new lawyer, took over and is now only my lawyer, and he is making sure that by all the rules , that we have followed, are the rules of the US constitution, that can not be changed as they still stand. So, am I following the rules of Universe as I am supposed to by Gods, laws? thank you Neil

Neil D Paris said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, please email me directly at I'd love to find out more about the show.

To the Truth! Love, Neil