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Gift Giving By Sign...

Aries: (21 March-20 April)
Affordable and Aries go hand in hand. Shopping for Rams is a cinch when you remember they’re kids at heart! Since they’re all action, ruled by the Lets-Do-It Planet Mars, then go for something fun like tickets to a go-cart grand-prix (as long as they can join in!), athletic events, an hour on a shooting range, bungee jumping, ice-skating, bowling, a games arcade day (or lifetime) pass. They don’t have time to sit around and dwell on things so forget time-consuming detailed gifts or activities! Aries have a love of accentuating their heads – so a new baseball cap, hat, funky glasses or shades, mascara, false eyelashes, hair dye (and other products) are all winners for the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is associated with metal – that includes tools, cars, DIY / home-improvement materials. Aries love playing so costumes or other novelty gifts are fun choices. They love toys too – even a watch from a cereal box would make them smile, so play to the child inside and you’ll not go far wrong! Oh yes, and anything red – it’s their colour; it stands out, makes them feel special and draws attention to them. A guaranteed winner!
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Taurus: (21 April-21 May)
It’s all about Quality for these folk – and that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Taurus Bulls appreciate the simple things in life – stuff that smells, feels, sounds, tastes and looks good. If it’s fake – forget it (that goes for flowers, fur, feelings and fabrics!). Since this sign rules the sensual world, a luxurious bedspread, a collection of sumptuous smelling candles (or candies) would go down a treat. Bulls adore massage – their sense of touch is so finely tuned so get them a full on body treatment at the local spa (or give one yourself – and don’t forget the heavenly scented oils!) Lovers of nature, a potted plant or bonsai tree would win them over, as would a gourmet feast of their favourite food or wine. These folks are all about life’s simple luxuries. Taurus connects to the neck – so a choker, chain or necklace would be much appreciated. This sign dislikes anything too dramatic or showy, so stick to traditional quality merchandise – something that will last and bring long-term pleasure. Music is also a fine choice – since it plays to their senses again, so sweep them away with some awe-inspiring songs or get tickets to a concert. Wine, dine and delight their sense of style and taste and you’ll hit bulls-eye!

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Gemini: (22 May-21 June)

Since Gemini Twins love to try new things, you can’t go wrong really when it comes to holiday gifts! Gemini rules the Hands so rings and watches are always a good choice (and don’t worry if they already have it – they like backups, Gemini always have two of everything anyway!). Such keen talkers as they are; a pager, email device, text messenger or new cell phone is sure to please them. Writing materials and computers are also always a number one choice. Also, these folk love travel – a gift to make their car journey more fun and comfy is ideal, or how about a trip planned for out of town? Gemini is Peter Pan personified, so anything that plays to their inner child, and helps them keep their youthful looks is guaranteed to go down well! A karaoke machine would keep them singing and talking well into next year (since every Gemini is a DJ-wannabe). A CB radio, walkie-talkie, anything that keeps them guessing and their minds busy (they love word games, board games, chess and puzzles) are all good ideas since Gemini will do anything to avoid boredom! Keep them active, gift gifts that surprise or change (shape, colour etc) and you’ll make them doubly happy this holiday season.
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Cancer: (22 June-23 July)

How do you put Cancer in the holiday mood this year? Give the gift of comfort and you’ll discover why Crabs are the best huggers in the whole zodiac (with Taurus a close second!). Buy something for their home – since they love to spend time there. The way to a Cancer’s heart is always through their stomach so food is a much desired gift all year round - they love home-baked goods and they’ll thank you for a box of cookies you made yourself above store-bought ones. Nostalgic crabs love photos – make a collage of memories, or frame a special shot yourself. Photography is a natural gift for many of these so cameras would be well received. Cancer likes silver more than gold so sterling rings, chains are worth investing in. A hamper of goodies, a house-warming present (no matter how long its been since they moved!) and anything that brings more comfy feelings their way are the best gifts to give – a comfy bed is a must, so pillows, duvets, candles, flowers are excellent choices. Do you have the ticket stub to that first movie you shared with them? Take them back to see it, visit an old place together or send them the stub - memories are their life-food. Crabs are romantic, so make it special, intimate and without spending much money, you’ll make them feel good, and in the end, that’s all Cancer could ever ask for.
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Leo: (24 July-23 August)
You’ve probably realized by now that Leo does require a little extra forethought and money to really impress. And why not, these folk give a lot and they do expect a little magic at this time of year! Front row tickets to a show are always a treat. Go five-star, have a limo pick them up. Short on cash? Put rose petals in their card and make the card – Leo likes the personal touch – spend the time rather than money and they’ll know you care. Anything gold - Leo’s love it, and also the bright colours orange, yellow and reds. They love flowers for the new energy they bring. Leos seem to have an affinity for cats or Lion soft toys, and there’s always room for more. Their ruler is the Sun – so sunrise pictures, desert landscapes or a ticket to somewhere hot and luxurious would hit the spot. Leo loves theatre, movies, gambling (stick a scratch card in their stocking), red carpet establishments, places where the stars hang out. A gift of a one-of-a-kind personal tattoo would be as special and unique as they are. If you really are on a budget, then write them a poem, make their gift, offer to read their palm or give them a back rub/massage and you’ll hear them purr this holiday season. Be generous with your time and energy, give thanks and Leo will be proud to bestow their blessings on you for another year.
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Virgo: (24 August-23 September)
Since Virgos are always thinking of others, and looking after people so well, show you care and give thanks for their love, with a pampering gift – they need it! Anything that focuses on them is perfect – a trip to the salon for example. Virgos are organized folk and always like calendars, trinket boxes, practical and useful gifts. How about some teeth-whitening strips – sounds crazy, but these folks are always on the path to perfection! A manicure/pedicure would achieve the same thing, and since Virgo is connected to the sixth house of Pets, if they don’t already have a furry companion, maybe it’s time! No matter how small, Virgos love taking care of things - a fish, sea-monkeys, a gerbil or guinea pig – all would find home with these caring souls. Also, these folk are health-conscious – so a trip to an energy worker of nutritionist would be a wise choice, as would a membership to a spa or health-club / gym. Beauty / vitamin supplements are easy gifts and Virgo’s also enjoy writing and word games – so anything that keeps their mind busy would be appreciated. For maximum success though, show you thought of them and you care. They do it for everyone else 24 / 7, 365 days a year, even on their birthday. Make it all about them this Holiday.
Recommendation:A Past Life or Karmic Insight to help them see the beauty in their 'faults' and the gifts they carry still.

Libra: (24 September-23 October)
As the sign ruled by Venus (luxury and beauty) Libras are always suckers for the trappings of romance and good taste. These souls always love candles, so you can’t go wrong, but go for something luxurious, remember, not just your usual wax affairs! Colognes, cosmetics and clothes are always favourites, but they have specific tastes so observe their style to avoid a clash! Sexy underwear is a fun idea, if you are intimate with one of them– romance is Libra’s oxygen. A beautiful wine-and-dine evening would be a wonderful gift and anything that makes their home a little more special is sure to please – these signs are already Feng-Shui masters so why not get them a book or collection of Feng-Shui items for their home (plants, fish tank, fountain, chimes)? As the sign of Peace, soothing music or romantic ballads would be sensual stocking-fillers and if they’re single why not sign them up for a trial at a dating service – this is the sign of partnership after all. Libra doesn’t like to be alone for long periods, so social plans – tickets to events etc, would also be a fun gift. Plan on doing something with them and you’ll win them over and bring out those infamous Libra dimple-smiles. You haven’t seen them yet? You will and you’ll melt.
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Scorpio: (24 October-22 November)
These people are not as hard to buy for as many think. They usually shop well for you because they intuit what you need or desire, but to make them smile give them something private and personal. A diary with a lock, a secret hiding place in a fake book would be a fun gift. Scorpio adores intrigue, so a murder-mystery weekend would be a cool gift or a whodunit novel (as would all movies or books with a forensic feel – think X-Files and Sherlock Holmes!) Red and Black are their colours so keep that in mind and remember this signs infamous sexual side? Forget the Karma Sutra – they already know it by heart (since birth!) so instead go for more sensual stuff – hot oils, massage lotion, toys and other goodies to add to their collection. Since these souls love to work things out like a psychologist, a book on hypnosis or body language is sure to seduce them, as would a deck of Tarot cards or a crystal ball – they are always ready to peak behind the veil. Also, since every Scorpio is a private investigator, why not get a spying device – a buttonhole camera or miniature bug? Yes, they may snoop on you but since you gave it, you’re waived from their personal probing! Play to their love of mystery and the unknown!

Recommendation: A Karmic Insight Report showing what they carry from other lifetimes.

Sagittarius: (23 November-22 December)
As the sign of good times and humour, Archers are always ready for a laugh and appreciate gifts that remind them of the good stuff in life. Give them a ticket to backpack across Europe (or a one way ticket to Australia for maximum adventure) and you won’t see them for dust! Travel plans are always well starred, since Sag likes trying new places, new food (exotic cuisine) and meeting new people. Maps or travel books and guides of course are good choices but perhaps your Sag is a stay-at-home traveller in which case go for books – they adore knowledge, a subscription to their favourite magazine perhaps, or a philosophical classic. A fantasy or adventure movie or computer game is another option since they love stretching their minds if not their legs. Sagittarians also seem to get drawn to gambling a lot – so a scratch card (or ten) should do the trick, or how about taking them to the roulette at the local casino? They’d try just about anything if it’s fun. Just stick to a limit, before they push their natural good luck! Horse riding is another choice for an unusual gift since they’re half centaur. If it gets them out, gives them something new to try or learn it’s a classic gift in their book. Make them laugh (practical jokes are welcome) and you can’t give them a more perfect present – inspire and uplift them, it’s their gift to you each and every day!
Recommendation: A Solar Return and Year Ahead Report to give them a bigger picture on their lives!

Capricorn: (23 December-20 January)
As an Earth sign it’s always easy to buy for Capricorn when you realize they seek things that last. Relationships, jobs and so forth, it goes the same for gifts! So, think quality, think durability and you’ve got it! Furniture, objets d’art, sculptures, clothes that won’t fade or dissolve in the wash, a secret place to put their hard-earned cash (like an investment scheme or a safe!) and don’t forget how important their job is so a new uniform (or serious dress-up clothes) works well, as would really posh business cards – in full colour of course with logo and extensive credentials! A resume makeover service or some kind of personal PR for them would be useful – it may sound boring but if it helps their reputation, it’s a winner. Office toys for the Cappie executive, stationary with their name on, and since their ruling planet is Saturn – connected to time (this is the sign of reverse aging) - a watch or clock would put you in good hands. Also, Capricorns have another side (represented by the watery tail) – they love mysteries, ghosts, UFOs and aliens and the paranormal. X-Files, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, a personal astrology reading would be a special treat to take their mind off work and remind them of life’s mystery and magic!

Recommendation: A Career Reading to help them set their sights higher in the New Year.

Aquarius: (21 January-19 February)
Give Aquarius something unusual this year – unique, quirky and deliciously different (just like them) and they’ll be overjoyed. Why? Because Aquarius is the sign of new things, so forget the usual gifts – boring! These souls love technology – so the latest technological wizardry intrigues them. Things that make life easier are always welcome. They love lighting, and the more unusual the better – a glass dome with electricity inside, optic/lava lamps, lights that turn on when you clap, you get the picture! Computers, hand-held devices, metal detectors for finding underground treasure are all good ideas to keep them captivated. Aquarians are also into metaphysical stuff too – meditation, healing work or an energy reading for example. They have so much energy that a gift to take them out of themselves would really be a blessing. The colour electric blue is usually a good choice too, as is a membership to a club (or something online would be appreciated – access to free downloaded music to add to their collection for example, an mp3 player or portable CD player or a membership to a dating/networking site or something else obscure and unique. Be different, daring and find the latest cutting edge in any field and you’ll find the Aquarius soft spot!
Recommendation: A Centaur Report because it's strange, unique, cool and wise, just like them!

Pisces: (20 February-20 March)
Pisces Fish love magic, so this year go and seek out something a little out the ordinary. Harry Potter movies, Tarot cards, a telescope, things that glow, astrology or numerology books, a past life reading, dream analysis and meditation tapes would really put them in a fishy frenzy. Pisceans adore water – it’s their element, so a fountain or fish tank would go down swimmingly and speaking of which, swimwear is a good choice since many fish love to take to the local pool. How about a scuba lesson? Turquoise and aquamarine are their colours as they are connected to the ocean. Dreamy music (think Enya or meditation) or anything emotional and awe-inspiring would move them, as would a book of poetry, or a journal for them to compose their own. Dancing lessons (from the latest hip-hop to more classical moves) would be a very unique gift and since Pisces rules the feet – how about shoes or roller blades? Also, Fish either love alcohol or don’t touch the stuff – so choose accordingly. If the latter – they’ll have a favourite drink of choice from apple juice to green tea. Play to the natural and romantic side with good-vibe-gifts – special lighting for their home, a foot massage at the spa, a trip to a water-park, or a magic set. Pisces aren’t fans of expensive show – they prefer gifts that make them feel good. It’s as simple and magical as that!
Recommendation: A Karmic Insight or Past Life Report because they're so attuned to the other side.

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