Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wow: The Jupiter-Pluto Alignment - Part I

Here's a brief breakdown of what it means when Jupiter and Pluto dance hand in hand this week - an alignment that won't happen again in the sign of Sagittarius for a long, long, long, long time. Someone please do the math (the sign of Sag rarely wants to get down to calculators, it's all about the Bigger Picture, right?)

I'll be talking more on what this means for us all collectively but here's a more personal look. As always, for the complete picture, order a Transit Report, or a Solar Return look at your year ahead, or schedule a personal Reading with me to detail where this MASSIVE GROWTH SPURT it coming at you from (and welling up inside from). You can truly turn a corner now.

Any questions, feel free to email or leave your thoughts and messages here.

Expect great things.

Yes it's time to spread your wings. Perhaps there never has or never will be this much of a sign that you really do need to go, to take off, to fly away, to seek more, to learn more, to try more, to destroy the comfort zone, throw open the windows and let the Gypsy within carry you to your next scheduled soul-meeting with the next person or piece of information you need on your Quest. Where are you going? Who knows. But the current alignment shows that you can't expect to sit still or stay where you are. Take a look around and enjoy the present because it does all change, what you know will change, and how you experience the world will change. What you believed has changed form so many times, you're like an atheist who found God, or a Nun who decided money was worth saving and spending and pursuing, a teacher who decides to quit to backpack or a student who quits a class and decides its time to study abroad, away from family, friends and everything they've known before. Remaining open, while all you knew, or thought you knew falls away, is everything now. Your new road map is formed by your passion yet your willingness to go where your soul calls you to.

Walls that kept you safe by keeping people out, safeguards that protected your money away from sticky fingers, policies that kept your property labeled and specifically yours (and insured) and fences that marked your comfort zone and "safe space" are being erased. By landslide, mudslide, rainstorm, dynamite, destruction or loss, you're no longer protected by the illusion of separateness. You have to share. What was yours solely, is no longer. You need to share - to borrow, to lend, to combine, to collaborate. For a sign of ownership, it's hard to know where you stand when the game keeps changing. Journeys into the darkness have taught you much and served you well because now you stand, stripped of anything that you didn't need (even while you struggled against desires for things to be totally different) that in many ways you've learned to talk to the dead - the parts of your life that had to depart. A new level is imminent. Like a computer game, you're ready to turn a corner and leave the last stage behind. You've evolved. But there must be one more parting of the ways. Do you trust enough? Can you merge assets, bodies, souls? If you remember that your true wealth now lies in not what you own, nor what others may take from you, but how much energy you can pool and share so that everyone cashes in.

For so long you've prided yourself on your freedom, your ability to adapt and keep moving, your youthful, carefree side and the fact you never really "needed" a relationship to "complete you". How much has changed. Somewhere in this last major cycle you tasted the fruits of the underworld realm of hungering love, of yearning and burning and the loss that comes when forbidden fruit turns rotten and what you thought you had was a lie, a sham, or worse, just dying with no reason and no way to heal. Soul mates come and go. Yet we have many. Being able to let someone you love, fly free is the greatest act of love, even when it means you may wind up alone for a time. Whether in business or romance, your contracts and connections are under review. Some must go, to be replaced by even deeper sharing. But maybe you already know this? Your ability to relate has been purified. Fairness, equality. These are your new strengths. To control anyone or anything, leads to a downfall every time. Make it all now an act of sharing - do you want to dance with this person? Do you want to share the floor? Every time you reach out, connect, and share, you are making love. Decide now who you're willing to truly make love to.

It's all connected. Your dislike of your job dramas, causes physical ailments. Emotions tucked away create stomach issues. Your coworker relationships reflect arguments you're having inside. Your schedule or lack thereof, shows the alignment you have with your purpose (or lack thereof). The mess in your home reflects your emotional and spiritual chaos. The leaky pipe holographically resembles the damn about to bust inside. The things that no longer work have made themselves VERY evident in the past few years you'd be insane not to see them, and more insane to have avoided dealing with them. In fact I'd say it was virtually impossible. Establishing a new pattern, a new rhythm, a new schedule and a new more holistic way of handling your life has been essential. You're headed for one final clearout of the guck. A detox of sorts. Whether it manifests in your job and you leave or a door slams shut, or whether you suddenly take off in a new direction or take on a whole new health-kick it's all a message, a sign, a clue and a reflect of your new "health consciousnes"> and it's not just about physical health, it's about your emotional health, your mental health, your sexual health, your spiritual health, the health of your pets and plants, the health of your kids and friends, and the health of your home and garden. Everything. Facilitate the healing now by allowing change to blow new air through your world.

Is pain a color in the artists palate? Surely. The vast canvases created by the worlds inspired, most often seem to be from visions that shook these souls to their core, or else the dark depths of despair and destruction that force dying hearts to the surface just long enough to offer their creations to others. Trips to Hell are often the most fertile for the performer. And as a Leo, you're no stranger to those trips of the past few years when the stage was trashed, your performance faltering, your inner child silently crying or your inner actor frozen. Look around you and notice the kids in your life or the ones you've seen or heard about and you'll see the message of the past few years - that keeping it simple was all you needed to do. That most of what you lost was ego-fodder, the polish covering a fading or forgotten crown. The new phase opening brings you back to your true power - as a giver of Light, of energy, of Joy, of Wonder. To illuminate any and all darkness. And to use the darkness to fuel even greater glory. Say goodbye to performance-anxiety or the destruction of your creations, and fuel a new direction - a journey to the height and depth and to share the many shades of your powerful palate.

You're only as strong and capable as your roots, your foundation, your footing and your platform. How can you dive when you fear the board snapping beneath your feet? The cracks of your past have shown, oh yes, and it's this gift that has been both the biggest curse and the biggest blessing of recent years. From deaths in the family, to members cutting you off, you them off, from vanquishing demons in the family tree to being the one who either was digging crap up or shoving it under the carpet, where you came from and where you're currently calling home has been subject to enormous and profound alterations that will stay with you forever. Emotionally, it's time now to tie it all up together and celebrate the destruction around you. Now - perhaps finally - you can actually be safe, be comfortable and be settled (!) on the new fertile soil from the aftermath of the volcano's release. No more living in a pressure cooker or fearing annihilation. No more dwelling on anything. The only dwelling place you should focus on is the new nest you need to create. Look around and know that all the discomfort has helped you realize JUST how much you need (and how much was old conditioning) to look after yourself. Allow a final ripping up at your roots to be replanted in richer, more fertile soil.

When all is said and done (and wow, the things that have been said this past few years), it all comes back to how you see things. Walking around in your head, peering out of those eyes has been, well, an eye-opener. Sweet Libras, full of peace, beauty and calm. Hardly. The darkness you've seen, thought about, dwelled upon or mentally been dragged through has been too intense to write about, even here. How do you put in words the pits of despair you've reached recently, yet the depths and heights and the information you've been privy to? The neighbors lives you've seen shift, the neighborhood transformations. Finally - you could be free of mental loops. Of obsessing about anything. Giving your power away to a thought. Engaging in a head-fuck, making love over and over to an image, a symbol, something or something you've turned into a fetish that may feed a hunger but never truly satisfy. Kill it. The words you use - on paper, in conversation, and more importantly the ones you hear inside your head, along with the pictures you create, are key to everything for you now. Rewiring the circuits in your head changes your life. Don't just change your mind, allow your mind to change you. Stop thinking and let yourself be thought. Prepare to download a new way, a new idea, a new possibility, once you give up playing the old tapes you've collected to date.


Whether you end up a millionaire or living from paycheck to paycheck, it doesn't matter. Who cares how much you do or do not have, when you're not happy, not comfy, not feeling good inside your skin, not healthy and not feeling fulfilled. What a shock to find that adding 000s the end of financial checks/cheques or your bank balance sometimes just adds up to one big fat Zero. The more you have, the more you could lose and need to safeguard. And on the flip side, the less you have, the more it seems you have to overwork to scratch your way back to 'O'. Try this - look around and say goodbye NOW to the self worth issues you've been carrying relating to how much you have, how much you've been earning, how much you've felt ripped off and how much discomfort you've felt. What would happen if tomorrow, you became filthy rich? What then? What if success changes everything? Feel the shift. Enjoy the last stage of one financial trip. To enter a new spiritual and financial bounty phase, you must honor enjoying whatever you DO have, the simple things and just knowing that you're worth it and that things CAN change. If you're reading this, you have a body and eyes and you're still alive and kicking. Start there, then move ahead into what you want and the new quality you won't trade for second best anymore.

Can you remember a time when you weren't in the midst of SOME power game, some intense drama unfolding, some life or death situation, losing something, having to say goodbye, being majorly disappointed that it didn't work out as you'd have liked, or you weren't "taking out the trash" yet again? Look around and celebrate all you've shed. Talk about a spiritual detox diet! You're defined now by what you DON'T have - crappy relationships, dead-end jobs, tumors growing in your body, ugly emotions clinging to your heart. And for those things you don't seem able TO shed, but would like to, have no fear. Act now and feel as though they have already gone, already shifted and you've moved on. Feel it in every cell. Every. No half measures. Be done with it. Until you can let yourself go, nothing else can truly free itself from your life. The New You is here but you can't step into the skin of this new body until you shed one last time. Are you willing to die while still alive? It could be the most painful experience to date, or it could feel like the most intensely fulfilling orgasm as you transition. You won't know, if you don't let go...

The Power locked up inside yourself has either separated you from the vast majority of the world at large (how can the other humans understand?), or given you such a complex about what would happen IF you unleashed it, that you're stuck between a rock and a hard place or have been. Do yourself a favor - take a look around and say goodbye to a period of suspension, of floating without a direction, of not knowing whether you're about to explode into a million pieces or suddenly be airlifted out of your body and off the planet. If you're still here, you're meant to be. With new superhuman powers filtering down into your psyche (and some pretty far out dreams at night as it happens) you're becoming "connected" to something vast, something strong and something that needs you as its messenger. But you have to clear your head, heart, soul, psyche and space in order to let the purest information come through. You're more than your career, relationship and body. When you have faith you're here for a grander design, you'll finally unlock the door to a world where you can have it all yet be controlled by none of it.


Funny. You're a sign that loves being different and not fitting in, yet you want friends who understand you and often you join groups or have a string of buddies who are the ones to bolster your self worth by agreeing with who you are and what you stand for. It's interesting. Yet the past few years especially have shown you something new about yourself. That many of the connections you've aligned yourself with - from organizations, to career paths, to pals and buddies weren't actually right for you. How many friends turned out to not really be friends? What do you do when you realize your social circle is crumbling and you need to find a new group? The secret behind the madness is as always for you, true freedom. Anywhere you sold out, gave your power away to someone else, stuffed your wild side away, is being exposed. You can only pretend for a while before you stand imploding. Society needs you again - you're about to become a New Age Worker once more. A Sleeper Agent designed to be triggered into affecting mass change right where you stand (or sit). Breaking new rules, showing a new way begins with you. Break free. Change it. Rewrite the script. Show us you're here to shift a paradigm. Bring the future into the present. Change what you see and don't like, in society. Make yourself count.

You never wanted control, you never really wanted to be the go-to guy or gal who had to take responsibility for anyone else. You have a big enough job drifting through the emotional changing tides of a single day in your life. But you've had to step up and deal with it. Pisces Fish are called now to step into their power, to realize that all this was prep work to let go of what was shallow and pointless so that when the REAL work came along you'd be ready for it. This is it. What is success to you? Once you define that, you have a goal, a map, a Plan. If you don't have these tools, you'll become a pawn in someone else's game. Say goodbye now to fears surrounding your inability to deliver or look after yourself or being too much in the spotlight and realize this has never been ABOUT you. Your life is a showcase for something from 'beyond'. You're the actor about to bestowed a major role, if you can stop running lines or asking others what you should be saying or doing.

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(c) Neil D Paris 2007
Please ask permission before duplicating this information or for use elsewhere.


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Well my Rising was right on. I so enjoy all your insightful tidbits and often main course. Marti

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