Friday, December 28, 2007

A look back at YOUR 2007

Honor 2007. The crappy things that went amiss. The people you thought would stay forever but who had to go. The ones you never dreamed you'd meet (and the ones you wished you hadn't). The shitty people who crossed your path. The idiotic things that happened that threw you for a loop. The people who arrived to make you smile and laugh and the ones who ran away. As we stand on the verge of another calendar year, I invite you to take a look back at the lessons, challenges, triumphs, people, places, loves, losses, miracles and nightmares that made up YOUR own story.

Did you make the most of planetary transits? Have a look at the following checklist:

1. Did you defeat prejudice inside (Pluto in Sagittarius) and open yourself up to learning through each person you met? Did you allow others their opinions without cutting them off or destroying them?

2. Did you clean up a major portion of your life (or attempt to) or did you sink back further into addictive behavior and drift with the tide? (The Pisces/Virgo eclipses).

3. Did you forgive, forget or otherwise move on with your full being from situations that crashed and burned and died a death around you? Did you truly move on or did you kid yourself into believing you'd made a clean slate?

4. Did you expand your comfort zone and see more of the world or learn more?
Did you stretch yourself, talk to strangers, make new friends and listen instead of preaching? (Jupiter in Sagittarius)

5. Did you allow yourself to be angry and then trace back the root cause of it instead of spouting off to the nearest people to you? (Mars retrograde in Cancer)

6. Did you allow for more playtime and discipline yourself to work on your creative talents? Did you step up to the plate as a responsible parent or allow your unmet inner-child's needs to ruin the show? (Saturn in Leo)

7. Did you get back up when your 'plan' failed and continue on regardless? (Saturn opposite Neptune).

No matter. Every step of every road is a marker for our own choices. And here we stand on the threshold of another calendar year, full of new promise, new obstacles to test your mettle, new people to aid you (or attempt to thwart you) on your new path, new horizons to see, new opportunities, new ways to spread or try your wings.
New reasons to get out of bed, and new reasons to experience the freshness of each moment.

Whatever 2007 brought, it's time to turn a page, turn a cheek and turn our sights now on new fields in which to play. Stay tuned for a look ahead to what 2008 MAY hold (if you so choose) and some of the things likely to face us all as a collective, as we move into this new phase of the journey.

2007 was a '9' year - a year of saying goodbye, of endings, old ways of life that seemed set in stone and forever, and possibly of losing the people who joined you at the start of the year (or the jobs, homes, objects you had with you when 2007 began). This is all part of the story of 2007. A parting of the ways.

More on 2008's promise soon.

In the meantime, a Happy OLD year to you, and an even greater New Year - if you can keep your eyes focused on your ultimate goal.

A quotation I have carried for some time now in my wallet and now beside me at the computer as I type is appropriate to pass on to you now, on the verge of a new era:

Be happy for this moment....
...for this moment is Your Life.

See you on the flip side!


cappy245 said...

Thank you Neil for all of your wise words.

Even if I have failed in the past to get rid of each one of my negative traits it does not mean I will fail in the future. Your wise words clearly tell me exactly what negative traits I need to work on to get rid of them.

You have the best descriptions of what is going on in the world and in ourselves that I have ever seen in a online astrology information column.

I wish you good luck in the New Year of 2008. Cappy245

Anonymous said...

And, may each moment of your life in 2008 bring something special. Marti